Back to School with Walmart To Go

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I mentioned recently that I’ve been checking out Walmart To Go, exploring how I can use this service. What I learned from the first delivery that I got was that it’s great for ordering items that are either too bulky to carry home from local stores or too expensice to purchase in my neighborhood. I kept that in mind when I placed a big order recently.

Canned and Boxed Goods

img 7767 Back to School with Walmart To Go

The main thing that I ordered was a whole lot of canned foods and boxed foods. This school semester is going to be really busy so I want to have a lot of food on hand for those days when I just can’t make something fresh with the local produce from the farmers’ market.

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Mushrooms in the Neighborhood

My Japantown neighborhood is populated by tree-lined streets. Many of these trees seem to have wild mushrooms growing in them.

IMG 2477 764x1024 Mushrooms in the Neighborhood

They pop up almost overnight, grow wild and then decay.

IMG 2479 764x1024 Mushrooms in the Neighborhood

Although sometimes they disappear before decaying. I assume they get taken by urban foragers but I don’t really know for sure.

IMG 2478 764x1024 Mushrooms in the Neighborhood

I’ve never been bold enough to try them myself but I love looking at them grow and change on my walks in the area.

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Masks, Fountains and Magic

DSC 5915 Masks, Fountains and Magic

Yesterday I mentioned that when I went to World Naked Bike Ride it was a beautiful sunny San Francisco Saturday. I was at Justin Hermann Plaza, where there’s a terrific sculpture fountain, and since it was Saturday there were vendors set up. I tried on a million different masks sold by a man named Steve Pogni and ended up getting one. I’m not sure where I’ll wear it but there’s always some kind of costumed event happening in San Francisco so I’m sure I’ll find ample opportunity. In the meantime I just wore it while hanging out at the fountain, listening to the beautiful French music of a street performer who was there at the time. That’s the magic of daily life in San Francisco.

DSC 5907 Masks, Fountains and Magic

DSC 5909 Masks, Fountains and Magic

DSC 5912 Masks, Fountains and Magic

DSC 5917 Masks, Fountains and Magic

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Sweet Graffiti

One of the things I secretly love and always keep an eye out for is graffiti / tagging that has a sweet side to it. Examples:

graffiti love Sweet Graffiti

sweet graffiti Sweet Graffiti

The first one is from a footbridge that crosses the Pacific Coast Highway to the ocean near Santa Monica. The second one was from a little rock cabin in a hiking spot in Arizona.

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