I tend to get interested in random things for awhile, pursuing them with great passion and then abandoning them. I am okay with this. In fact, I am in love with this. But many times I don’t even get the chance to pursue one thing fully because I immerse myself in something else. This page is where I will collect a list of my random interests that I enjoy pursuing so I can always go back and dip in again.

  • The psychology of happiness
  • The relationships between individuals
  • The relationship of the individual to society
  • Memoirs of mental illness
  • The artwork of Patrick Hughes
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • George Sand
  • Jon-Jon Goulian
  • yarnbombing
  • 3D paper sculptures
  • book art
  • British reality TV shows and news documentaries
  • the Spanish language
  • leafy seadragons
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