My March in Photos

I really didn’t write a lot in February did I? I did do some things, though. Here they are in photos:

  1. I took Caltrain down to San Jose
  2. Where we went to a sushi boats place (I love sushi boats)
  3. And I got a cocktail with plum wine and Sprite
  4. My sister picked me up from the airport in LA
  5. And we got breakfast together
  6. And walked around the houses near Santa Monca
  7. My siblings and I went camping at the Channel Islands
  8. I went looking around the mosaics and wall art in The Mission
  9. I enjoyed an afternoon of reading magazines at a bookstore I like
  10. I crocheted tons and tons of scrap granny squares
  11. I did some thrifting, looking mostly for vintage crochet items
  12. I walked over to a friend’s house and that too me past a great window display of white butterflies near Untion Square
  13. My mom made a hat for Betty, my friend’s dog
  14. I created a new reading corner for myself
  15. I saw some mushrooms growing wild on a street near me
  16. I made some artwork, still finishing up that piece
  17. I ordered this amazing book called Art to Wear that has wearable artwork including fiber art from 60 artists.
  18. Some friends and I went to the rum bar and got a drink called The Volcano that they set on fire for you
  19. We also went out to dinner at Sauce where I got a pork chop and mashed potatoes which is one of my favorite meals that I rarely get
  20. And the dessert they serve there was beautiful!