Art from Unknown Artists

Here are some photos of art I’ve seen recently but that I don’t know who the artist is:

art 19 Art from Unknown Artists

This is an image I love that hangs on a sliding glass door at Jeanette’s home where I do petsitting.

art 18 Art from Unknown Artists

This was some intriguing wood art hanging inside of Eno wine bar near Union Square in San Francisco

art 17 Art from Unknown Artists

This work was in a gallery show that I went to but I can’t for the life of me remember what the gallery was so I can’t find the artist. If anyone knows, definitely let me know so that I can give proper credit to the pretty colorful work!

art 20 Art from Unknown Artists

This artwork was hanging inside of a cafe that I went to in Japantown. Clearly it’s marked with a tag showing the artist’s name but I didn’t snap that in the picture well enough to see it and I forgot to write down the attribution. I like the work a lot, though.

art Art from Unknown Artists

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Baa-merica! Fiber Artist Working Now on Canvas

About two years ago I did an interview with Leslie Blackmon, a fiber artist who had done an amazing solo exhibition of crochet sculptures that I loved. This artist is constantly pushing herself to explore new mediums and new paths and has now moved on from crochet art to working entirely in drawing and painting. I wanted to take a look at some of the stuff she’s done recently.

Screen shot 2013 07 14 at 4.31.55 PM Baa merica! Fiber Artist Working Now on Canvas

First, Baa-merica!

The solo exhibit that caused me to first learn about Leslie Blackmon was called Baa-America! Icons Revisited. It consists of a series of 20 crochet / mixed media sculptures. Each sculpture was a humorous comment on a well-known person in American pop culture.

So for example there’s an Andy Warhol sheep:

andy warhol crochet sheep Baa merica! Fiber Artist Working Now on Canvas

And a Martha Stewart sheep:

martha stewart crochet sheep Baa merica! Fiber Artist Working Now on Canvas

What’s Next?

in my 2011 interview with the artist I asked her what she saw next, and here’s what she said:

“I think when you finish a solo show, you enter a natural questioning period. The show was so much fun it is tempting to just make more and more sheep, but it is also tempting to do something new. …  I am currently just painting, although I have two sheep “in the works” too. They have just taken a back seat. Meanwhile, I have other crochet shows in mind that would take me in a whole new direction, and that’s fun to think about too. And then … I have tried to think of how I could combine crochet and painting in a fun kind of show. I tend to think in terms of bodies of work … so each of these projects would be very time-consuming, and I have to think carefully before committing to any one of them!  I have ideas that are pretty well formed in my mind that I think would be good shows, but I have to decide whether to flesh them out … I have no idea which direction I’ll go (yet). I think an artist must allow themselves time to explore things they feel drawn to and just follow wherever the path leads. So . . . I’m trying to keep my mind open to both the fiber art and painting and see what happens. It’s a personal search though.”

Pushing In New Directions

Screen shot 2013 07 14 at 4.32.10 PM Baa merica! Fiber Artist Working Now on Canvas

One of the things that I think is great about Blackmon is that she is willing to keep trying new things. She went from a career in law to being a stay-at-home mother then she decided to pursue an artistic path. She started out making wearable art, which is where she developed a lot of her crochet skills, and then she moved on to the mixed media fiber sculptures. Now she’s focused on drawing and painting.


Screen shot 2013 07 14 at 4.31.55 PM Baa merica! Fiber Artist Working Now on Canvas

Right now Blackmon is working on a paintings-on-canvas series called Yonder that explores her memories of the town of Ozark, Alabama where she spent her childhood. She explains a lot about her experience in her artist statement. Something interesting she says here:

“I am interested in the interaction of memory, imagination and the present moment.   …  These layered memories form a kind of internal lens, shaping the way I see and experience the present. The more I contemplate that lens, the stronger it grows. When I walk a path, look at a tree, or do my own family’s laundry, I am transported back to a past that seeps into my daily life at every turn. It is my intention to make these connections visible, through paintings that fuse the past and present, the real and the imagined.”

Photo credits: images by Miriam Rosenthal via the Leslie Blackmon website

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Awesome Animated Street Art by INSA

animated street art Awesome Animated Street Art by INSA

This is awesome. You can see more at Weburbanist, which explained in part:

“Unlike most street art, INSA‘s murals weren’t made to be seen in person – they’re best viewed online. That’s because the UK-based artist painstakingly paints, photographs and re-paints each of his works several times over in order to create these amazing animated GIF images.”

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Voices of Coal: Bonnie Meltzer

voices of coal Voices of Coal: Bonnie Meltzer

Earthfix, a public media project of the Oregon Public Broadcasting and other public radio stations did a series asking the question:

Should coal from Wyoming and Montana be transported through the Pacific Northwest and shipped to Asia? 

One of the people interviewed about this was artist / activist Bonnie Meltzer. I know about her work because she was one of the mixed media artists I profiled for my crochet blog. Here were her thoughts on the issue.

See more opinions on Voices of Coal.

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Creation / Destruction … Provoke/ Evoke

Recently I was walking around. I think I was in The Mission although to be honest I walked a lot that day and I could have been somewhere else. In any case, I was walking around and spotted this beautiful piece of art:

DSC 5400 Creation / Destruction ... Provoke/ Evoke

Next to it was a message on the wall with Tumblr blog address:

DSC 5402 687x1024 Creation / Destruction ... Provoke/ Evoke

It’s interesting local art worth a gander if you’ve got the time.

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Guide to Completing an Artist Statement

I didn’t have a post scheduled for today and I’m trying to post every day this month as part of NaBloPoMo. When you need to put up a quick post a great resource is, where I found today’s infographic. This one, by Dana Jeri Maier, is all about the process of properly completing an artist statement. I think it’s a super interesting topic and I like the way that the flowchart is laid out … seems like a design that would make perfect sense as a checklist for the visual mind of an artist!

is my artist statement done 5092d715a7dda w587 Guide to Completing an Artist Statement


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Artist I’m Enjoying: Jennybird Alcantra

jennybird art 300x286 Artist Im Enjoying: Jennybird Alcantra

I was going through my computer bookmarks and came across the web page of an artist that I’ve been eyeing. I’d originally bookmarked the page because she’s a San Francisco Bay Area artist who does work that is kind of sexy. I have a blog, San Francisco is Sexy, that I’d planned to write about her for. However, that blog’s been going through some changes and I haven’t written it up yet. I didn’t want to just delete the bookmark without doing something about the site since I like it so much. So I figured I’d share it here.

The artist is Jennybird Alcantra. She has paintings as well as dolls that she makes. Both are of interest but it’s the paintings that really captured my attention. It’s really difficult to describe them because they’re so unique. Some of the words that come to mind include ethereal, fantasy-based, beautiful, captivating, bold, unique, frightening, sexy and a little bit morbid.

What I really like about the site – beyond just the fact that she has great artwork - is that she shows her work from each year starting in 2004. This gives us as viewers a chance to see how her work has developed in the past five years. I feel like this is of interest to people who like the process of art and it’s also interesting because it adds a new dimension to the way we can perceive the art that she’s creating today.

Great stuff! I hope you like it too!

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