Arts And Smarts! This Week’s Creative Link Love

link love

Of all of the smart and creative blog posts I read this week, these are the links to the ones I thought you shouldn’t miss!

Quote of the Week

“When someone tells me I’ve touched them or pushed them or challenged them or entertained them, I need to do a much better job of saying, “Thank you. Please tell me more about where you’re coming from.” I need to stop what I’m doing and take a good look at this person who is taking a moment to share their gratitude, and I need not only to accept that gratitude, but to really see them.”Kim Werker from a smart post continuing some thoughts she’d already shared recently about how to learn to ask for help in our creative work.

This Week’s Favorite

fan dancing

Susie of Useless Beauty shared her experience of nervously trying fan dancing. I loved her bravery, her description of her experience and the bit of history she gave us about the art.

Strange But Special

@weburb explains that this art piece, known as A Million Times, the installation features 288 analog clocks and 576 motors – one for each minute and hour hand.

silk worms 3d printing

@dezeen shares: “Researchers at MIT plan to 3D print a 3m-high pavilion by imitating the way a silkworm builds its cocoon.”

Mental Health and The Brain

The Benefits of Optimism Are Real. This great article looks at optimism through the lens of references to currently popular movies including Silver Linings Playbook and Life of Pi (both of which I’ve seen and enjoyed). Article by @EmEsfahaniSmith of @TheAtlantic.

@ResearchDigest looks at the psychological impact of urban street design. “More people worldwide now live in cities than in the countryside. Combined with sprawl and the loss of urban green spaces, this means that many of us are unable to enjoy the restorative effects of a natural setting. But what’s to say the built environment, designed well, can’t have a rejuvenating effect too?”

The Psychology of Hazing. I’ve never understood this practice so I was intrigued by this @visually infographic about it.

People and Relationships

Hurting Someone Else Can Hurt You Just as Much. Research via APS.

Zen and The Art of Happy, Healthy Parenting via @sfzc.

The Art of Loving Yourself. I loved this @rebelletweet article by @patriciabiesen that talks about how you can have high self-esteem but still have difficulty practicing deep self-love and even proper self-care.

Travel and Places

spain museum

MemeRose shared inspirational photos from the Paulo de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona.

north yorkshire castle

Little Tin Bird shared beautiful images from a North Yorkshire castle tour.

beautiful photography

The Bohemian Collective shared a great set of inspiring nature photos, saying: “This set of locations is dedicated to my love for wild mountains, icy blue lakes, tall forests and a backpack.” This one is Jackson Lake in Wyoming, Photo by David Killpack.

amsterdam market

@lindevrouw shared the Sunday Amsterdam Market in photos

comicon seattle

Unusual Life shares: “The Emerald City Comicon, held at the Washington State Convention Center, has become an annual sign of Spring’s impending arrival in Seattle.” This event was also written about by @crochetlibfront who shared thoughts on how creative types should rethink sales.

Inspired by these travel-related posts but have to stay home? I liked the @pickthebrain article this week called 3 Steps to Make Every Day Feel Like a Vacation.

And if you are traveling away from home then you may want to read 6 Ways to Avoid Cultural Misunderstandings when Traveling Abroad via @lifehackorg

Art, Design, Creativity

trash bag dress

@dezeen shared the trash bin liner upcycled fashions of British fashion designer Gareth Pugh

3d pencil drawing

Ramon Bruin’s hyperrealistic 3d pencil drawings via @MOillusions

artforum magazine

Dilcia Giron of Creationist shared the beautiful Artforum Magazine Excavation art series by @fpastine

macrame flower decor

How to Macrame a Flower Pot Holder via @eatpickles

fabric napkins

@paisleyjade shared some beautiful fabric napkins she made

felted wool art

Marmalade Rose shared beautiful felted wool art she created

beautiful space

@2Modern shares how New York-based architect and designer Christian Wassamann believes that everything you need in a living space can be encapsulated in five specific forms

Beautiful Spaces

beautiful homes

@sfgirlbybay did a beautiful roundup this week of her favorite eclectic homes, including this one by Camilla Tange Peylecke

pop of color

@thestylefiles did a lovely roundup of home images with bright pops of yellow color, mostly against white background – contemporary springtime decor! This image here was one from @bodieandfou

wood wallpaper

Trendir shared: “For walls that really wow, check out the new digital wall coverings from Glamora … Not only are they beautiful, these wall coverings are also durable, resistant to daily wear and tear, fireproof, shock-proof and washable.”


@dezeen shared: “a transparent computer that allows users to reach “inside” the screen and manipulate content with their hands was unveiled at the TED conference in Los Angeles”

Other Smart Stuff

There was a really interesting article from @PacificStand about how a lot of great psychological research can’t be replicated.  “Research replication, an essential feature of good science—the element that allows truth to shine through the experimental brume—has simply not been a priority in today’s “publish or perish” climate. And we’re now learning that many well-publicized studies can’t be replicated.”

@lifehackorg offers insight into 10 Benefits of Meditation

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Arts and Smarts: Link Love!

Of all of the smart and creative blog posts I read this week, these are the links to the ones I thought you shouldn’t miss!

Quote of the Week

We reject what we cannot understand. We nurture grudges. We highlight small differences. It is essential for us to see that each point of human contact can be an act of love, an opportunity to stoke a fire. A chance to shrug off those temptingly warm blankets of suspicion and frustration that seem to cling so easily to us during the course of our static electric days. We can find the small moments of openness, of vulnerability, of humility in any interaction. We can capitalize on moments of extension, of conversations and connections that feel authentic at a gut level.”

This is from the same @rebelletweet post by Hannah Coakley that I excerpted earlier this week in the post called More Love is Better. It’s such a powerful post about love and humanity.

This Week’s Favorite

petel design

SF Girl By Bay shares: “julie and ibrahima’s story began in 2000 when they met working with the peace corps in mauritania, and fell in love communicating in french and pulaar (the fulani language). inspired by other cultures and places they’ve been, from paris to algeria and beyond, they’ve created a new business together — petel, in san francisco.” @sfgirlbybay has the whole story and lots of lovely images of what these people make.

Mental Health and The Brain

“New research highlights a memory strategy that may help people who suffer from depression in recalling positive day-to-day experiences,” explains @psychscience

The Surprising Power of an Emotional Memory Palace. Via @psyblog

5 Reasons to Focus on Flow. By @BridgetGC for Positive Psychology News Daily

Research: 5 Major Mental Disorders (autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depression and schizophrenia) share genetic roots. Via @nimhgov

The Autistic Child: More Than Meets The Eye. Via @brainblogger

Why are some people disgusted by horsemeat? Psychological research via APS

People and Relationships


Girl Muscle: Confessions of a Novice Power Lifter. By Kaly Thayer via @rebelletweet

How Bad Relationships Can Damage Immune Systems and Make Us Sick! Via @mailonline

Language Considerations in Counseling when Working with Bicultural Couples via @counselingviews

Studies in Chaos and Order. @wrayherbert of HuffPo explains that the researcher “wondered if perhaps environmental order and disorder are both functional, activating different, but equally valuable, mindsets. Maybe what we disparage as messiness — maybe this physical state contributes to a varied world, and perhaps it’s variety that’s most important in shaping human thinking and action.”

Travel and Places


San Francisco Parks, a roundup from @thebolditalic that includes some I didn’t know about even though I’ve visited lots of San Francisco Parks!

almond trees flowering

@creativejmom shared so many beautiful photos of the almond trees flowering in Northern Israel


Lucy over at Attic 24 did a terrific post about Whitby in Winter with lots of beautiful photos and great info

paris france photos

Wood and Wool Stool shared lots of great photos from Paris, France this week

guggenheim museum

Interesting addition proposed for Guggenheim Museum, could be controversial, via @weburb

Art, Design, Creativity

floating stairways

“Mysterious flights of stairs float in mid-air or form elevated outdoor walkways in this series of installations by artists Lang/Baumann,” explains @dezeen

photo collage

Paper Collage Art by Dilcia Giron; she has shared tons of great images lately featuring transformations of the head and face – worth checking out!

needle felting craft book

@NotebookfromHom did a guest post for @whipup reviewing Felted Feathered Friends: Techniques and Projects for Needle-felted Birdsby Laurie Sharp

sew red project

Anna Maria Horner wrote about the Sew Red project, a sewing-related project from the same folks (@jimmybeasnswool) who are doing the Crochet Red project all to raise awareness about heart health


mobile phone apps

Xpression, a phone app that will monitor depressed individuals and call their doctors if needed

Other Smart Stuff

The Economist has a short but fascinating piece on the work of physicist Chaoming Song who creates mathematical models to predict your future location based on your mobile phone and online activity. His accuracy rarely drops below 80%.” Via @mindhacksblog

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Arts and Smarts: Link Love!

link love

Of all of the smart and creative blog posts I read this week, these are the links to the ones I thought you shouldn’t miss!

Quote of the Week

“Like an outlaw moon, eventually captured by the mass and magnetism of that which it orbits, Love is drawn to the place where it belongs.” – SR Atchley shared this in a beautiful post meditating on the nature and purpose of love. Via @RebelleTweet

Strange but Special

Mental Health and The Brain

Can you Rehabilitate a Stalker? “A forensic psychiatrist has opened a clinic where stalkers confront their dangerous delusions.” Via @guardian

Reconstructing the Past: How Recalling Memories Alters Them. Stunning research and information into the way memories change as we go through time. Via @psyblog

Travel and Places

san francisco neighborhoods

Detailed opinion article about gentrification and homogenization in San Francisco via @thebolditalic

australia lake

Ungardened Moments shared several beautiful photos of a day at Baandee Lake in Western Australia

nature photography

Andamento shared many beautiful photos from a morning bike ride although I’m not sure of the exact location; it’s worth the click-throughs to see all of the great shots!

san diego whale watching

Whale Watching in San Diego. A @visually infographic on a fun activity in a beautiful part of California.


Danielle Thompson shares all about Pioneertown with us. Tons of great photos in this post.

Beautiful Spaces

greek home

@thestylefiles shares some updated photos of the interior of a gorgeous house in Mykonos, Greece.

beautiful spaces

@RachelDenbow of Smile and Wave shared photos of her beautiful living room and had an interview about that space on A Beautiful Mess.

japanese home

@weburb says: “Modern architects preserve the traditions of Japanese residential architecture while meeting 21st century needs in these 12 strikingly well-balanced homes.”

Art, Design, Creativity

spring fashion

Emma Lamb shares Orla Kiely’s (@orla_kiely) Spring 2013 Lookbook

smoking art

Dezeen explains: “Croatian design studio Brigada was inspired by cigarettes and smoke rings to create glowing cylindrical rooms for an exhibition about the culture of smoking”

hypercollage photography

I usually try not to link to the same blog too many times in one week but I just have to say that I was also infatuated with Dezeen’s article about the hyper-collage photography of artist Jim Kanzanjian.

Keith Haring's Berlin Wall Mural

Lost Art: Keith Haring Mural on Germany’s Berlin Wall. “Nothing now remains of Haring’s mural beyond people’s memories and photographs. But the artist was not distressed by the impermanence of this and other works.”

material world craft book

@molliemakes says in a review of this book: “@PerriLewis was once described on Twitter as “…what you’d get if the WI was run by MacGyver.” She’s one quarter of the @KnitTheCity guerrilla craft group, a journalist and regular contributor to Mollie Makes. So, as you’d expect, her first book Material World is a rebellious sort of endeavour – very different to the usual craft fare.”

3d films

20 Must-Watch Artist Documentaries, From Basquiat to Bas Jan Ader. This great post includes video clips for sneak peeks. Via @artinfodotcom.


apple slap bracelet

Apple has applied for a patent for a slap bracelet with a video display that could be a blueprint for its much-anticipated “iWatch” concept. Via @dezeen

Other Smart Stuff

What You Can Be, You Must Be. So true, this Deva Coaching (@sandiamorim) article looks at what this means and how to achieve it through the lens of quotes by the smart Abraham Maslow.

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Arts and Smarts: Link Love!

link love

Of all of the smart and creative blog posts I read this week, these are the links to the ones I thought you shouldn’t miss!

Quote of the Week

Creative Carmelina (@crea8ivegirl) smartly said:

“Your mission today, should you choose to accept it….is simple. Be HAPPY. Happiness is a state of mind, it is a feeling we can embrace whether we are rich or poor, it is a feeling that should not be contingent on our life circumstances, but rather….. it is an inner peace that flows through us.”

Strange but Special

Pope Benedict XVI

Why San Francisco Should Care About the Pope Resigning via @thebolditalic

Travel and Places

green space

@weburb explains: “Altering most of today’s cities to eliminate cars altogether would be a daunting, if not impossible, proposition – which is why China is starting from scratch. Great City will be built around a high-rise core housing 80,000 people, entirely walkable, and surrounded by green space.”

salt lake city coffee shop

GrassRootsModern (@grassrootsmod) says: “One of my favorite places to get coffee in Salt Lake City is Nobrow Coffee and Tea. Not only is Joe the owner a total coffee nerd, he happens to be a design nerd too.”

sea of galilee

@creativejmom shared about Visiting The Jordan River and The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

Unusual Life says: “Chock full of spell kits and Chakra oils, candles, Rosary beads and santos, plus herbal remedies, statuary and perfumes, this little shop tucked into a strip mall in Burien, 10 miles South of Seattle is sure to please and surprise anyone wanting to bring good luck into their life.”

Top 10 Happiest Cities in the World. Doesn’t surprise me at all that San Francisco is the only city on the list. Via @cjmcginnis

Beautiful Spaces

book space

@thestylefiles shared a great roundup of books in home spaces

furniture home

These graphic shapes on the wall can be pulled outwards to form a clothes rail and occasional table. Via @dezeen.

colorful tile

“Here’s a cool new twist on tile – Flaster colored concrete tile from Ivanka Concrete Works will brighten up any home,” says Trendir.

Art, Design, Creativity

new print magazine uk

@2modern shares: “The new UK food and travel quarterly magazine, Cereal, has set for itself the lofty goal “of making something timeless, by crafting and curating a tactile experience.” And, to that end, its 140 pages of ad-free recipes, interviews and “detailed expositions” showcase a gorgeously decadent expanse of white space, meticulously crafted copy and the kind of ravishing food photography that sends culinary duffers (like me) on a mad quest for ingredients with names they can’t pronounce.”

colorful wallpaper mural

@kristinnicholas collaborated with @CasartCoverings to turn her mural into beautiful, colorful wallpaper

30 Architecture Documentaries to Watch in 2013. Great roundup! Via @archdaily

@molliemakes asnwered tons of FAQ in a post about Gathered, the digital magazine app


imadeface app

Why You’re IMadeFace is Hotter than You. Is anyone using this new app? via @thebolditalic

Other Smart Stuff

memoir friends

Book review by Kim Werker (@kpwerker) of memoir Saturday Night Widows, by Becky Aikman.

gravenstein applies

@foxslane shared an array of super beautiful photos from her Gravenstein apple orchard picking

Am I Depressed or Just a Stressed Out Mom? Really smart article about understanding the differences in yourself written by @jdhonestmom

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Arts and Smarts: Link Love!

link love

Have you noticed that I started calling the link love roundups on this blog “arts and smarts”? It totally sums up the things that are important to me as I read through lots of blogs and online articles each week!

Strange but Special

This is the Year. Terrific local poet and wordsmith Silvi Alcivar writes a eulogy for herself on her birthday. This is so powerful. My favorite line is: “this is the year i truly learned life and death and grief and magic and wonder are all rhythms of the same breath”

People and Relationships

marilyn monroe 2Modern shares: “New York’s Danziger Gallery is showing The Lost Film of Peter Mangone for the first time—58 years after it was first made, with “the colors as vivid as the day they were shot, Marilyn as mesmerizing as ever.”

Melissa Fleiss of Project Runway was interviewed about her home and life in San Francisco

Travel and Places

neon museum

There is a new Neon Museum in Vegas

math museum

Hyperbolic Crochet shared lots of photos and info from a trip to the National Musuem of Mathematics


Dezeen explains: “Designed for architect and studio director Danilo Terra and his family, the three-storey Maracanã House was constructed on a tiered site in the city suburbs, where the lowest level of the ground is a storey below the street”.

Art, Design, Creativity

sculpture art

Dilcia of Creationist shared the beautiful work of Teklifsiz Serseri. Click through to see the whole set of photos.


@gbreadsnowflake shared a beautiful embroidery piece she completed

Sister Diane of Crafty Pod did an image-only interview of Caterina Maestri that is vibrant in color and has touches of quirky humor I adored.

The Gallery of Lost Art shared the story of five stolen paintings and talked a lot about the whole issue of art crime. Super interesting.

Experiments in the Studio. Jafabrit shared some thoughts on the process of painting and creating art that you don’t love and changing it. Process over product.

Art Journaling: Collaging a Story and a Feeling. Beautiful post from Things Bright.


eink keyboard

Weburbanist shares: “Designed by Maxim Mezentsev & Aleksander Suhih the E-inkey keyboard for Pixel Studio (, the concept is simple: e-ink key displays that can shift to gaming keys, shortcuts or program-specific icons smoothly on demand, just like turning the digital page in your favorite e-book reader.”

Other Smart Stuff


How to Propogate Lavender via @shepherdsusie

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Arts and Smarts (This Week’s Link Love)

link love

Of all of the diverse blog posts I read in this week, these are the ones I thought you should make sure not to miss:

People and Relationships

How to Stop Living for Someone Else and Start Living for Yourself. Via Limitless 365.

10 Steps Toward True Forgiveness. Via @ollinmorales

Travel and Places

underwater hotel

Submergible underwater hotel in Dubai, via Weburbanist; reminds me of an article I once wrote on the best underwater jobs

Beautiful Spaces

red house

Teacup Lane did a cute roundup of ideas for adding red color to your home

creative space

Kate Broughton shows us around her studio where she uses practical, retro items to create simple, innocent designs. Via Mollie Makes.

Art, Design, Creativity


Loved the Weburbanist roundup on futuristic fashions.

eco friendly brand

Emma Lamb shares info on the eco-friendly business label Cozy Memories

Mental Health and the Brain

Some thoughts on Slow Living by Kathreen of @whipup

Can You Will Yourself Happier? Thoughts on some research by BPS.

6 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood. Inspiration from Pick the Brain.

How to Reflect the Energy Within. Via Deva Coaching.

5 Ways to Change your Mind About Your Body. Via The Change Blog.


Best iPhone Games for Long Flights via Not Martha

Wired Interviewed Gabriella Coleman about the Three Years She Spent Living Among Hackers.

Other Smart Stuff

Going Home. Just a really beautiful, well-written post over on The Courageous Creative.

There’s No Place Like a Stranger’s Floor. A BioStories post that is rich in imagery.

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