100 Things That Inspire Me

As I mentioned before, I’m one of the lucky 300 bloggers participating in Blog It Forward, an idea launched by SFGirlByBay. We’re all writing about what inspires us personally. We’re each being introduced by the blog before us (thanks to my intro blog, Diary of a Budget Fashionista!!) and we’re making sure that you know to check out the blog after us (definitely check out Dig Under Rocks tomorrow!). I’d really encourage you to check out all of the different posts, though, because they have been so amazing and inspiring in and of themselves!

For my part, I have to say that I really get inspired by everything. I see things and read things and hear things all throughout the day and they inspire me. Some inspire me to write a certain blog post. Some inspire my creative writing or poetry. Some inspire my desire to learn new things. Some inspire me to be kinder to others. Some just give me that wonderful feeling of vague inspiration that doesn’t get channeled into anything specific but makes me feel a little bit brighter about life.

I could go on and on forever about every little thing that inspires me but I’ll keep my list down to 100 inspiring things:

  1. Live sketching events where artists gather together, create art as you watch and post it on a wall for sale right there
  2. Watching children do anything that reveals that childlike wonder for things that we adults consider normal or mundane
  3. Watching people work on computers or consumer electronics because I just can’t do it well myself
  4. Hearing about the memories of elderly people
  5. Reading books on creativity and artful living
  6. Huge libraries filled with floors and floors of so many books that I’ll never be able to read them all
  7. Wandering around the city people-watching
  8. Indie arts and crafts events where hundreds of crafters gather together to show off their work
  9. Browsing through Etsy
  10. Watching absolutely any film that’s shown in IMAX 3D
  11. Being handed a plate of food that’s almost too beautiful to eat but tastes so good that you can’t help it
  12. The smell of coffee
  13. Taking walking tours especially through areas I’ve seen a hundred times but want to see in a new way
  14. Those grand things that inspire everyone like magnificent sunsets and huge ocean views
  15. Finding pictures in the clouds
  16. Stop-Motion video
  17. People who can take really amazing pictures and then make them even better with photo editing software
  18. Listening to auctioneers do their thing
  19. Checking out antique stores in small towns in the Midwest
  20. Long road trips with just me, myself and the radio
  21. Pandora and how well it seems to know what I want to hear!
  22. Anyone who can find the silver lining in a tough situation
  23. The amazing women who have entered my life over the years
  24. Great quotations from authors both known and unknown
  25. Magic shows
  26. Cirque du Soleil performances
  27. Lomography
  28. Random links posted on social networking sites for me to click on
  29. Vintage postcards
  30. Learning new crochet stitches and making something I haven’t made before
  31. Scrapbooking the photos taken throughout the month
  32. Journaling
  33. Reading the published journals/diaries of other people, especially writers and artists
  34. Documentaries that are both interesting and informative
  35. Reading “strange news” websites and blogs
  36. Fingering the fabrics in luxury clothing stores
  37. Piecing together outfits from the items bought in second hand clothing stores
  38. The changing skyline of San Francisco
  39. Everything about my little sister
  40. Doing things that scare me at first like riding ATVs
  41. Long hikes
  42. Long conversations
  43. Live theatre events where a single actor plays multiple roles
  44. Listening to people beatbox
  45. Open mic poetry readings
  46. Coloring books
  47. Those 3D posters that you had to really stare at to see the picture
  48. Crazy competitions like the fastest texters or the fastest Rubik’s cube solvers
  49. Elaborate sandcastles
  50. Project Runway
  51. Women who can walk in six inch heels
  52. Elderly people who are trying new things, performing in plays, really out there living life
  53. Anything that manages to actually make me laugh out loud
  54. Coming across really funny typos
  55. Stunning strange shoes like these
  56. Seeing videos of people doing free running and parkour
  57. Terrific slideshows of beautiful things set to music that just really goes with the images
  58. Daydreaming
  59. Unique architecture, bionic buildings, upside down houses
  60. That moment when you feel like you’re really connecting with a stranger
  61. Collage art
  62. Watching glass blowers in action
  63. The smell of used bookstores
  64. Burlesque performance
  65. How people come together in a crisis
  66. Getting groups of adults together to do things like color Easter eggs or make gingerbread houses
  67. Stunning Christmas light displays
  68. Seeing people use creative approches to doing the things that we do every day
  69. Viewing other people’s random collections – music or salt shakers or aprons or whatever they may love that I didn’t until I saw their passion
  70. Children twirling around until they fall down
  71. Science museums
  72. Car shows and museums filled with vintage cars
  73. Articles that show specific changing technology (like how cell phones have changed over the years)
  74. Fingerpainting
  75. Yoga, pilates, meditation, and hula hoop dancing classes
  76. People who speak half a dozen languages or more
  77. The Northern Lights
  78. Rainbows
  79. Conventions for odd interests like the movie The Blob or the merging of sex and technology
  80. Weird niche books on topics like pedestrianism or obituary writing
  81. Unusual museums like the Liberace Museum in Vegas
  82. Stumbling upon unique free events
  83. Travel memoirs
  84. The fact that scarves can be worn so many different ways
  85. People who can make crazy outfits or makeup look good
  86. Costumed events
  87. Meteor showers
  88. When you find the exact word to specifically describe something
  89. Keeping a list of “ugly words” with my dad and getting excited about coming across a new one
  90. Those moments when I actually feel like I’m really living in the moment
  91. Weird hotels
  92. Funny signage especially when it’s not intended to be funny
  93. Leafy sea dragons
  94. Visiting aquariums
  95. Trying to cook something new and having it come out exactly right
  96. Setting and meeting random goals like trying twenty different sugar-rimmed drinks or watching all of the movies with a particular actor in them
  97. Riding on the back of someone else’s motorcycle
  98. Collaborative projects with cool creative people
  99. Exploring caves and lava tubes and ruins and old mines
  100. Falling in love

Blog it Forward Starts Today: 10 Bloggers Write About What Inspires Them

As I mentioned not that long ago, I’m going to be participating in a really cool project called Blog it Forward (or The Blogger Mashup). Over the course of the next month, three hundred of us bloggers are going to be sharing what inspires us. That’s a lot of creativity being shared in one place! I’m super excited about it.

The whole thing kicks off today with the first ten bloggers:

  1. SFGirlByBay: This inspiring blogger is the one who started this whole thing. Be sure to see what inspires her!
  2. Creature Comforts. Beautiful photos of inspiring things along with a description of why they’re inspiring.
  3. The Paper Pony. Picture-rich post of inspiring photography.
  4. Design for Mankind. Great A-Z list of inspiring things.
  5. Ink on my Fingers. Inspired by some surprising things!
  6. Poppytalk. The Olympics, the elderly, art … and more.
  7. Heart Fish. If you’re a fan of typography then you’ll love this post!
  8. Smile and Wave. Inspired by illustration art.
  9. Oh Hello Friend.
  10. Hula Seventy.
Those last two haven’t posted their posts yet as of the time that I’m writing this post but I’m getting going early today so be sure to check with them too!
Spread the word about this project!! And I’d love to know your comments and thoughts; do you think this is as good of an idea as I do?

Blog It Forward – The Blogger Mashup

I’m participating in a really fun little blogging project that’s been started by the very awesome, very creative, very inspiring SF Girl by Bay. There are three hundred people participating in this blogging project. Essentially it’s going to be a stream-of-thought blogging experience and you can follow the stream of thought by going from one blog to the next. (The link above shares the details.) Hopefully you’ll check this out – it starts next week and it involves loads of interesting blogs so I think it should be something fun for everyone. And if you like it, there’s likely to be another one like this in the near future so you and your blog could get in on the action too.