Flashback: My 2009 Site

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Last month I looked at My 2007 professional website using Wayback Machine. Today let’s look at what had transformed into by 2009.

writing website writing website writing website

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Link Love! Smart, Creative Posts from Around the Web

Here is this week’s roundup of the best posts from around the web in all things smart and creative!

Holiday Fun

Goodwill’s 7 Types of Holiday Sweaters: Which One Are You? (Infographic)

How to Make a Holiday Wreath Using Plants from Your Yard. Nice DIY from The Bold Italic.

Art, Design, Creativity

I adored Weburbanist’s roundup of playful furniture this week!

ArtistADay featured the beautiful ceramic, acrylic and metalwork of Christopher David White.

Creationist shared some of the amazing collage photos from Nacho Ormaechea


The Gallery of Lost Art (a super wonderful site) shared, “Edward Ihnatowicz was an artist whose interest in finding ways to emulate animal movement led him to become a pioneer of robotic art.”

Jordana Paige shares how she chooses the names of the items in her knitting bags line.

Travel and Places

Wine bottles are displayed in rainbow-coloured cages in this wine shop in Stuttgart, Germany. Dezeen shared this one and has a great photo slideshow.

Top Things to do in San Francisco. In case the world was going to end this weekend, 7×7 did a roundup of things not to be missed in the city. It was actually a really good list! I also wanted to mention that The Bold Italic did a great review of San Francisco in 2012.

Outstanding Crochet shared a series of terrific photos from Mercer Museum

Relationships and People

Adventures in Thread did a lovely interview with “Michelle May, Textile Folk Artist and Designer, successful businesswoman, author, interior design genius and lover of bunnies!”

Technology and Gadgets

Dezeen interviewed John Hanke, the head of Google Maps about what comes after smartphones.

Mental Health and Life Wellness

Psychologist Magazine Turns 25. Sneak preview of January 2013 issue.

Q&A with Founder of Cuddle Therapy Practice. Hm. Article on 7×7 by Carly Schwartz.

Other Smart Stuff

6 Inspiring Life Change Books for People Age 50 – 80. Unique WSJ roundup.

Happy weekend, happy holidays and happy reading! 


Link Love for the Top Posts in Art, Travel, Mental Health and More

Here is this week’s roundup of the best posts from around the web in all things smart and creative!

Art, Design, Creativity

Where Inspiration Comes From. Stacey of @freshstitches did a smart post about how you don’t have to be an artist inspired by traditional artist to get inspiration as a maker.

@sisterdiane of CraftyPod wrapped up the amazing 2012 image-only interview series with a terrific interview of  Kate England.

Dezeen shared this video about OLED technology for the home.

2Modern shared lots of great photos from Art Basel

Karen Brown interviews Simon Doonan for Etsy. She explains: “As Creative Ambassador-at-Large for Barneys, author, cultural observer, and window dresser extraordinaire, Simon Doonan has influenced our fashion sense for over four decades.” Photo credit: Albert Sanchez.

Travel and Places

Meat Lover’s Guide to San Francisco. Whether or not you eat meat this is an interesting look at the city’s butcheries and artisanal charcuteries. Via 7×7.

Mental Health and Life Wellness

Psychologist Gail Brenner discusses the idea that “What you are interested in is what is created in your life.”

7 Golden Nuggets You can Excavate from your Deep, Dark Regrets. A lot of people say that they don’t regret anything but is that true? Courage 2 Create asks us to look at our regrets and learn from them.

The Trouble with Talk Therapy. Via TIME. Sometimes it might not work.

Your At a Glance Guide to 2012 Psychology. A calendar of what happened this year that was important in psychology. BPS roundup.

Other Smart Stuff

The legal issues of 3D printing. Smart article by Dezeen about an emerging topic. Also in 3D stuff this week was a lovely post on 3D book sculptures from Weburbanist (including the one above)

Holograms Are Here, from Tupac to Mariln Monroe. Washington Post asks if we’ll be holograms next.

Disarming Medusa: How to Befriend your Inner Critic. Tips from Deva Coaching.

Happy weekend, happy holidays and happy reading!


Link Love for the Top Posts in Art, Travel, Mental Health and More

Here is this week’s roundup of the best posts from around the web in all things smart and creative!

Strange, but Fascinating

Click, Hum, Whir: An Orchestra of Obsolete Technology via weburbanist

Art, Design, Creativity

Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer died this week at 104 years old. Many design blogs did lovely post tributes to him including Grassrootsmodern (where I found the above video) and Dezeen where there was a roundup of his most famous buildings.

This new book looks terrific. Interview with the author @whipup

Weburbanist shares: “An unused building at the Monterrey Institute of Technology’s León Campus in Mexico was stripped to its frame and re-imagined as a dynamic ‘creative laboratory’ with transparent walls and an undulating wooden facade.”

2Modern shared beautiful watercolor art from Jan Heaton.

Travel and Places

“Christmas shoppers in Madrid can stroll under glittering circles of LEDs designed by Italian architect Teresa Sapey”, explains Dezeen.

Jennifer Maerz of The Bold Italic talks about the idea that tech is ruining San Francisco

About the Brain

The Memory Palace mnemonic strategy works with virtual environments. Via British Psychological Society.

What Neuroscience Really Teaches Us and What it Doesn’t. A really smart New Yorker article.

Music Therapy for the Alzheimer’s Disease Patients. Via Brain Blogger.

Oliver Sacks’ Hallucinations book review by Guardian Observer’s .

Mental Health and Life Wellness

I loved the above flow chart shared by Dr. Deb. So right on.

In a Constantly Plugged-In World, It’s Not All Bad to Be Bored. New York Times.

Research Explores Markers of Depression From Childhood to Adulthood. Association for Psychological Science.

Other Interesting Things

Two Seasons in Paradise with Joe Hollis. A BioStories article by Jesika Feather about Joe. She explains: “Mountain Gardens is a wonderland, a four-acre paradise, and an archetype of the existence we self-proclaimed revolutionaries strive for.”

Happy weekend and happy reading!


Joining in on NaBloPoMo

Every year I think about joining up with NaNoWriMo and then I don’t for a variety of reasons. In recent years, there have been a lot of spinoffs of this November writing project. I decided that this year I’ll join one of those spinoffs – NaBloPoMo, short for National Blog Posting Month.

What is NaBloPoMo?

NaBloPoMo is just a group project where bloggers commit to writing at least one post per day on their blogs during the month of November. It’s a way to stay accountable for writing daily. It’s a way to have community support for your blogging efforts. It’s a way to participate in a group blogging activity even though you’re working at home alone in your own space.

Why I’m Joining NaBloPoMo

I already post almost daily here on Diary of a Smart Chick so I don’t actually need a project like this to hold me accountable to posting. So why join?

  • I like occasionally participating in various group blogging challenges as it always teaches me new things about my blogging self and stretches me a little bit.
  • Participating in things like NaBloPoMo can help new readers find this blog. Diary of a Smart Chick isn’t nearly as popular as my main blog, Crochet Concupiscence, but I do put a lot of work into this blog and would love for more people to find it.
  • It’s an easy way to support a cool project that other bloggers are doing. I love being part of the blogging community.
  • NaBloPoMo has optional writing prompts. I likely won’t use them most days but I think it will be fun to try them here and there.
  • There are prizes. I’m not really doing it for the prizes but prizes certainly don’t hurt!
  • If I ever do decide to do NaNoWriMo it’ll boost my confidence to know I have already participated in something similar with NaBloPoMo.

What To Expect

There is no theme topic or anything like that so most of what you’ll see on the blog in November isn’t going to be any different from usual. You’ll still see daily posts where I share my life, thoughts, experiences and photos. I usually don’t blog here on Sundays so that will be different – an extra post. And I may try some of those writing prompts to tackle different topics than usual a few times this month. At the end of the month I’ll update you about my experience participating in this project.


October in Review: Writing

I’ve resumed writing regularly on my writing blog (formerly called Real Words, now just a part of the Kathryn Vercillo website). Here’s a roundup of all that I wrote about in October:

Interview Excerpts

I shared excerpts from various interviews that have been published with me around the web, using the excerpts as an opportunity to expand on a variety of different thoughts:

Review Excerpts

I also did something similar with excerpts from reviews that others did about my new book, Crochet Saved My Life:

Guest Post Excerpts

Likewise, I used my own blog to expand on topics that I had covered in guest blog posts elsewhere on the web:

Writing and Reading

Social Media And About Me


B is for Blogging

Well, if you tuned in to this blog on Friday then you know that I’ve decided to participate in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. And you will also know that I am supposed to be posting every day except for Sundays but here it is on Sunday and I’m posting. That’s because I already fell behind and forgot to post yesterday! Glad to have an extra day at the beginning of the challenge to keep me on track.

So today’s letter is B and for me B is blogging.


I work as a professional full-time blogger. I have my own blogs but I make my living writing and promoting blog posts for various types of businesses across different industries. So I thought for today I’d share some of the places where I blog:

  • Crochet Concupiscence. This is my baby – the place where I blog for passion about crochet. I write 4-5 posts daily M-F and a couple of posts on weekends and I never get tired of it. If you’ve ever had any interest in crochet then this blog is for you.
  • Real Words. This was my first personal blog and it was intended to be all about my writing experience. I enjoyed blogging about that for awhile but then I got tired of blogging about what I did all day – blogging! So now what I do is help other bloggers and writers out by featuring their guest posts on writing here.
  • Dialaphone. This is a UK blog about mobile phones that I’ve been blogging for going on four years now. I write about mobile phone news, provide how to guides for mobile phones and specifically enjoy writing about tech advancements in this industry.
  • Financial Highway. This is a blog where I write about personal finance. I write here about once per week and enjoy sharing tips on getting out of debt, increasing your financial literacy and other every day finance stuff.
  • Discount Coder. This is a blog I only recently started writing for. It’s on a discount codes site so here I write about different ways to save money (with coupons but also in other ways). This is a UK site but I also write about the same topic on other blogs for a U.S. audience.
  • Yellow Brick Road. Here I write about resumes and job hunt tips primarily for a college-aged audience. I write for a similar audience (but on different topics) for a site called Classes and Careers.

So that’s just a few places where I blog. Maybe some of them will interest you?


I think it’s also important to mention on this “B for blogging” day that I read A LOT of blogs. I use Google Reader to subscribe to the RSS feeds for the blogs that I want to follow. There are lots of other tools that can be used, of course, but I like Google Reader because it’s a well organized option that allows me to easily share what I like with my Google Buzz contacts and then with my Twitter and Facebook friends from there.

I read crochet blogs every single day. I love them, I devour them, I couldn’t even list all of them (although lots are in the sidebar of my crochet blog if you’re interested). Other types of blogs that I read regularly include:

  • Design blogs (fashion, interior, architecture)
  • Weburbanist and Webecoist
  • Strange news blogs
  • Science news blogs
  • Blogs about San Francisco
  • Friends’ blogs
  • Blogs about writing, SEO and blogging
  • Tech new blogs, specifically mobile phone news
And then lots of random other blogs that I just fell in love with for one reason or another. I read blogs more than I read anything else although I try to read books daily as well. What can I say, maybe this post should have waited for R for Reader. :)

A is for About … The A-Z Blogging Challenge

A few days ago I came across a site that mentioned the A-Z blogging challenge. This is a challenge to write on your blog every day except Sundays throughout the month of January. That’s 26 days and each day corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.

A is for About

So today is the first day and that means A. I chose to do “about” so that I could let you know what the blogging challenge is, where to find out more about it and why I’m doing it.

Why I’m Doing the A-Z Blogging Challenge

I think that challenges like this are a great way to make a blog fresh and new, to connect to a community of bloggers and to get some new eyes on your blog. At first I was planning to enter my crochet blog in the blogging challenge. However I already blog there 4-5 times daily so it seemed like the A-Z challenge posts would get lost. Plus I’m participating in Knit and Crochet Blog Week over there right now so it seemed ridiculous to add another challenge to that blog.

Then I started thinking about this blog. I love this blog because it allows me a place to talk about all of the weird different things that interest and intrigue me. However I’ve been neglecting it. A lot of the reason for that is because I started the crochet blog in January and I’m super passionate about that blog so it gets most of my free time. But I do love this blog, too, and I think the challenge will be a great way to kickstart the goal of writing more regularly here.

I hope you enjoy it!

More about the Challenge

There are more than 700 people who are doing this challenge! That’s a lot of blogs to read and it’s going to be tough to keep up but if you check out a few each day then you’ll still get a lot out of it. Learn more about the challenge and find links to all of those blogs here.


Are You Running a Summer Promotion?

I have been thinking about offering some sort of summer promotion for my writing services. I’d like to get some new clients. I want to spread the word about the blogging and social promotion services that I offer. And I really just want to be trying out some new personal marketing techniques.

Summer promotions seems like a great way to do this. There is a bit of downtime in the summer so I can focus on creating a cool promotion. The people I’d be interested in reaching are people who are probably spending hot summer afternoons checking out blogs and social networks anyway. And since it’s seasonal, I can try it out without committing to it for a long period of time.

I’m not sure what type of summer promotion I want to offer. I’m kicking around different ideas. I’d love to hear some thoughts from you about good summer promotion ideas for bloggers. Leave it in the comments or drop me an email!


SmartChick at the Blog Carnival

It’s been awhile since I participated in a blog carnival but I saw a good one that I wanted to be a part of. It’s the Social Networking Tips and Tricks blog carnival. The post I included was a post on how to streamline social networking to increase productivity in the office which I wrote for the productivity blog over at Cyclope Series.

Other posts of interest in this carnival were on related topics including:

Lots of good social media information there. Happy reading!