• just girls
    Book Review

    Just Girls: YA LGBTQ Book Review

    Just Girls is a young adult LGBTQ novel that stands out to me as innovative and aware. Simultaneously, it touches on the topics that affect many teenagers as they enter the college scene for the first time. In other words, it isn’t just for the LGBTQQIA community. However, it doesn’t shy away from its role as part of the advocacy for that community. The Story of Just Girls Just Girls is the story about Ella Ramsey, a MTF transgender woman who is starting as a new student in college. She hasn’t come out to people there even though she has gone through the coming out process in her hometown. Therefore, she faces…

  • Junk Mountain
    Book Review

    Book Report: The Battle of Junk Mountain

    On January 1st, I read The Battle of Junk Mountain. I read 82 books last year, but I realized that very few of them were fiction. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. I love non-fiction, particularly memoir. However, I’ve been reading primarily non-fiction for years, and I want to start re-incorporating some fiction into my life. Recently, I accidentally got several young adult novels from the library. The Battle of Junk Mountain was one of them. So I decided to kick off the new year right by reading it. It’s intended for young readers, so it’s a really fast read. I probably finished it in an hour. And it…