Art at CIIS

Here are a few of the art items on display in the hallway of my grad school during the last weekend before summer break. They’re from 2 of the MFA students.

Laureen Moyer created liturgical stoles from mixed media, fabric and text:

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Drew Dellinger: Poetry for Social Justice and Eco-Aware Cosmology

Drew Dellinger is a graduate of the school that I go to now, although he was in a different program that the one that I’m in. Earlier this semester I attended a talk and poetry reading that he gave there. I was impressed by the way he pulled together different theories in social justice and ecological issues. I was impressed by the number of scholars he was able to quote and reference. But mostly I really enjoyed the rhythmic beauty of his poetry and spoken word work.

A Sample of His Speaking

This isn’t the talk that I attended; it’s a 2011 talk called A Cosmology of Connection: Poetry, Justice and Nonduality … but it’s similar in content to some of the things that he talked about this year.

Love Letter to The Milky Way

This was the poetry book that Drew published and from which he was doing much of the reading at the performance I attended. The work is beautiful.

Spoken Word Example

Here’s a video of Drew sharing his Planetize The Movement: