Recent Drinks

This week I shared some recently consumed wonderful breakfasts and other recent eats. Today I’ll wrap up this edition of the short series with a look at my recent drinks.

At the Wine Bar

wine bar

I recently went to a wine bar named Eno that I hadn’t been to before. It’s got a cute fireplace and lovely wine flights. It also had food that looked yummy but I didn’t get any food on this visit. I had a white wine flight and also tried a kind of very sweet Hungarian wine that I’d never heard of before called Tokaji. It tastes a bit like Ethiopian honey wine.

wine bar flight

wine bar seating

The three wines in my flight where an Etra Bianco from Italy, a Pinot Gris from Hungary and a Greek white wine that I can’t recall the name of. I’ve been noticing a lot of places advertising “Pinot Gris” so I asked the server what the difference is between this and Pinot Grigio and he confirmed that there is no difference. Basically the grape is called Pinot Gris in France and Pinot Grigio in Italy; some resources say that Pinot Gris is typically used now to refer to a more full-bodied, spicy wine from this grape while Pinot Grigio is lighter and crisper but this doesn’t seem to always hold true.

Other Drinks

drink swig

I love the Jackrabbit at Swig Bar.

drinks irish coffee

This was an Irish Coffee enjoyed while watching Dueling Pianos at Johnny Foley’s


I rarely drink beer or anything like it but I am a fan of Pear Cider. I had this while watching free comedy at Cafe Royale.


Recent Eats and Drinks

Stuff I’ve recently consumed and loved every morsel of …

caramel apple martini

deep fried taro

fresh yogurt

ice cream

morning drinks

pumpkin frozen yogurt





What you see here: Caramel Apple Martini and Deep Fried Taro Root with Peanut Sauce from Thai Stick on Fillmore, nonfat fresh yogurt and oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries and walnuts and figs from Fraiche, liquid nitrogen ice cream at Smitten (I got caramel), grapefruit juice and mimosa, pumpkin frozen yogurt with mochi from Fraiche, quinoa with yogurt and kumquat and poached pear from Chow and goat cheese and spinach scramble with potatoes and toast also from Chow and finally my normal-sized burrito (which I can only eat half of in one sitting) next to my brother’s super large burrito from a burrito place on Divisadero and Pine.