Found Poetry / Magazine Art

Lately I’ve been engaging in a fun creative practice. I receive magazines in the mail and what I do is take each one, deconstruct it by pulling out the images and words that call out to me and then re-assemble those into a piece of “found poetry” with images. Each piece comes from one magazine. A sort of deconstructed summary of what I was inspired by in that one piece at one point in time.

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Recent Small Collage Pieces

Two of my friends invited me to join them in occasionally sending each other collage art. This is just a way to keep us each inspired and working on something artistic. Here are a few of the pieces I created recently to send to them.

collage art faces

collage art hand

collage art tinted


purple collage art


Remembering What I Already Knew

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the whole concept of “being in the moment”. I’ve been reading a lot of books on Zen Buddhist thought. I’ve been thinking a lot about the ideas of the self that I am attached to but that aren’t necessarily “real” or at least aren’t complete.

I was doing some cleaning and found an old scrapbook of collages I made several years ago. Funny, because so many of them include quotes that relate directly to what I’m thinking about again now.

Apparently what I’m learning now is stuff I already knew and then forgot. Life is like that sometimes, isn’t it?


My February in Photos

A summary of my February activities through some of the photos I took.

  1. The park in my neighborhood
  2. Windowshopping in my area
  3. Thrift store purchases
  4. Me with a local mural
  5. I participated in a mug rug swap
  6. Rum bar with a friend
  7. Liquid nitrogen ice cream place; I got yummy fresh mint ice cream
  8. Babysat Betty for a week
  9. Tried an Italian restaurant I’d never been to (Umbria)
  10. Used a single serve coffee maker for the first time
  11. Visited Embarcadero
  12. Signs of Springtime in another park near me
  13. Created bumper stickers and bumper magnets
  14. Made a crochet scarf for donation
  15. Made crochet fingerless gloves for the first time
  16. As well as wristbands
  17. Celebrated the birthdays of two friends
  18. With a dinner and watching the Oscars
  19. Dyed my hair blonde-orange
  20. Then added in some brown

Photo of the Day: Art

I have a series of art pieces up in my room. Each is a photo of an individual that I took out of a magazine. I then glued it to canvas and painted on top of it to change the original image. Today’s photo is a picture of one of those art pieces. What do you think of photos of art?


I Love Eclectic Art Displays

I’ve just been writing about eclectic wall art displays over at where I frequently collect photos of different interior design themes that I’m interested in. I love the idea of creating entire wall displays of art that doesn’t necessarily go together but that’s made to look right together because of the way its hung, framed or complimented by the room’s furniture. The overall look ends up being one that is truly better than the sum of its parts.

I have something like this going on in my house although I’m still working on making it look just right. There are three different art displays that I’m toying around with:

  1. Pinup art display. I have French doors between my bedroom and living room. Each of the doors has ten glass panels that needed to be covered up to give my room some privacy. I created a display of pin-up girl artistic prints. To tie it together, I chose a stencil of a flower and printed it on pink and grey paper to add to the display. The other art and the furniture in the room incorporates these colors as well. This is the section I’ve done the best with in terms of completing the look.
  2. Postcard art on my door. I have another bedroom door that has different panels on it as well. I’ve added a couple dozen postcards to it. These are very colorful pictures that have a sort of magical theme to them although the images and designs are different on all of them. The symmetry of the layout seems to make it work well.
  3. Painted magazine images. I’m working on a new series for the section over my desk. I’m taking bold images of people in magazines and pasting them on to canvas. Then I’m painting around and on the images with bright colors. These are all different sizes and I’m not happy with how it’s worked out so far but I like the individual pieces so I think I can make it work.

In addition to this, I do collage art that I hang haphazardly in my art room and it’s kind of got its own theme to the display.