Adoring Aerial Animation

Although I watch a lot of TV, it isn’t too often that I’m so compelled by something I’ve watched that I feel the need to share it. However, when I was watching America’s Got Talent this week, I absolutely fell in love with Aerial Animation and wanted to share what I loved. So creative!

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Terrarium Making at Workshop SF

img 6636 Terrarium Making at Workshop SF

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it but my beaux and I met through the How About We dating site. They offer a second site for couples and we’re part of that site now. Through an affordable membership we get the opportunity to go on unique dates in the city every month. Recently we went on a date to make terrariums at Workshop SF, a venue for crafty classes.

Workshop SF

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Upcoming: Patterns at The New Stage

Patterns poster AmyMunz Upcoming: Patterns at The New Stage

There’s an upcoming performance here in San Francisco that I’m keeping my eye on. It’s called Patterns is part of the emerging theatre called The New Stage. The performance will be held at The Dennis Gallagher Arts Pavilion at the French American International High School.

This is a one-woman show. I love solo performances, especially when there are multiple characters, which is the case here. I just think it takes immense talent as well as confidence to do this kind of performance.

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Benjamin John Hall’s Design by Destruction Shoes

Benjamin John Hall Porcelain Wedges dezeen 3 Benjamin John Halls Design by Destruction Shoes

There’s something oddly inspiring and interesting about this fashion / shoe/ art video.

It’s from a live performance art event where shoe designer Benjamin John Hall used destructive processes – smashing, dyeing – to create an innovative artistic shoe design.

Benjamin John Hall Porcelain Wedges dezeen 1 Benjamin John Halls Design by Destruction Shoes

The work was inspired by the 1960s Destructivist art movement in London. However the Destructivists would have just flat out destroyed the shoe whereas Hall transforms it – speaking, I believe, to the upcycling culture that’s so important to us today.

More info on Dezeen.

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Art in Rural Storefronts

I learned from the newsletter of artist Bonnie Meltzer that there is an art project happening in Oregon this fall to fill rural storefronts with creativity.

Screen shot 2014 05 17 at 12.10.18 PM Art in Rural StorefrontsI’m not in Oregon, of course, so I’m not going to see it but I’ve seen similar projects take place here in San Francisco over the years and it’s always inspiring. I’m sure Bonnie is going to do something fun and original with her mixed media work and I look forward to following along via her future newsletters!

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Applied Spirituality Final Post

I recently shared that I’d done a creativity/spirituality process for a grad school class. I shared my original proposal. Throughout the semester we did forum posts with updates about our process and progress. I thought today I’d share the final post that I did at the end of the course, which I titled Looking Forward.

IMG 3276 1024x1024 Applied Spirituality Final Post

A lot seems to be happening for me, in me, around me lately … because of the work for this course, because of the work in this school. And while I thought about sharing some of that here, particularly in regards to what I’ve been continuing to do for Applied Spirituality, I’ve decided that what’s more important for me at this stage is to look at what it all might look like moving forward. What did I get out of this? What will I take with me? What will it mean for the people I encounter personally and professionally in the future?
flowerart 1024x686 Applied Spirituality Final Post

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