Some Technology Takes Time

As someone who has written regularly about technology, I find myself always looking for the latest news about trends in different sectors of the tech world. Things change so quickly – there is always a new gadget or new version of something being announced. So it’s interesting to me when there are types of technology that take time to really develop.

The example that I’m thinking of is the development of femtocell technology in the wireless sector. People have been talking about femtocells for awhile now but the average person still doesn’t know what this technology is. That’s because we haven’t quite developed a way to use it that is of interest to the average consumer.

Basically femtocell hubs can be used to improve the call quality of indoor cell phone calls. Recently it has also been found to significantly boost data transfer speeds on Internet-enabled phones in the home. These are things that people do want to have access to so it’s just a matter of time before the technology takes off. It’s just interesting to me that it’s taking so long considering how many different tech things have come and gone in the meantime. I like watching technology develop over time, don’t you?