Images from Israel

My sister recently went to Israel. Shortly after that she came here and she ended up putting some of her photos from that trip on my computer. I thought I’d share a few with you today, although I can’t really tell you what they’re of since they’re from her trip and not mine!














More Art at Tohono Chul Park

Earlier this month I told you all about how I had gone to Tohono Chul Desert Park┬áin Tucson where I saw some amazing recycled metal sculpture art from Kenyan artist Kioko Mwitiki. That was terrific but that’s not the only art that was available to see in the gardens. There was also various other sculpture art that I thought I’d go ahead and share now:

Here’s one more photo of Kioko’s horse since I loved it so much and haven’t shown this image yet. That’s my mama in the photo. We had so much fun together on this trip.

That’s me with a horned toad sculpture

And there’s a coyote

This one isn’t art “per se” – it’s a geology wall showing the different layers of rock over time; it’s much larger than this snippet I shot and is really artistic and beautiful

To my knowledge none of the other pieces here were done by Kioko, although I’m not 100% sure on the sunflower, which looks like it could possibly be his work.

I’ve noticed that many parks and gardens incorporate sculpture and other artwork into their displays and I think that this is a wonderful feature. It really supplements the natural beauty and the nature enhances the beauty of the art as well.

Is there a botanical gardens you know of that has sculpture art on display?


Photos from Tucson’s DeGrazia Gallery

Earlier this month I shared all about how my dad and I had gone to see a portrait exhibit at Degrazia Gallery of the Sun in Tucson. Check that post out for tons of info about the gallery and artist as well as the first set of photos that I shared. I had more photos leftover that I didn’t share then, though, so I thought I should do a follow up post with those images.