The Art of Freya Prowe

I mentioned here the other day that I had recently visited Paxton Gate: Curiosities for Kids. The lobby of this shop is a small art gallery and I was captivated by the grotesquely beautiful art that was hanging there. It didn’t quite seem right juxtaposed against the playfulness of a toy store but perhaps that was why I intensely noticed it. The artist is Freya Prowe.

DSC 5393 The Art of Freya Prowe

DSC 5394 The Art of Freya Prowe

DSC 5395 The Art of Freya Prowe

DSC 5396 The Art of Freya Prowe

Freya’s website says that much of her work has been influenced by European fairy tales. I love the description in her bio there which seems so right on:

“Lyrical and dark, Prowe’s artwork draws on that traditional and its sensitivity to the emotional tensions lurking in human interactions. Prowe creates images that are by turns fragile and horrific, seductive and deformed, playful and violent”.

What emotions come up as you look at these images?

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