What People Used to Eat: Old Menu Suggestions

I discovered this menu suggestion set for a week in some old vintage magazines. I wish I’d written down the date and name of the magazine so I could be more accurate in sharing it here. I’m thinking it was an old McCalls because I had a ton of those that I recently went through but it might’ve been something else.

vintage magazine images 15

In a little more detail:

vintage magazine image 1

vintage magazine image 2

vintage magazine image

What sounds good to me:

  • orange marmalade and rhubarb marmalade
  • mashed brown potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes; (I barely ever have them but I love mashed potatoes!)
  • chicken soup with sage
  • steamed brown bread
  • Dutch Apple-Cake
  • Fried Parsnips
  • Grape Ice
  • Oatmeal Macaroons
  • Walnut Loaf
  • White Sauce with Parsley
  • Baked Apple

What sounds kinda gross:

  • boiled fowl
  • broiled liver
  • creamed dried beef
  • grape jelly sauce
  • marshmallow sauce
  • fish hash
  • codfish balls
  • fish chowder
  • freicasseed rabbit
  • rabbit salad; (I just can’t stomach the thought of eating rabbit)

Things I’m not quite sure what they are:

  • Preserved quince (I kind of know that quince is a fruit but I can’t think if I’ve ever tried it)
  • Chicory salad (I feel like I should know what this is; I’m going to look it up right now)
  • Cream cheese balls
  • Johnny Cake
  • Hashed brown chicken
  • Hominy with figs (I think hominy might be a vegetable?)
  • Dried-Apple Sauce
  • Peanut Fondu
  • Egg Sauce

Making Traditional Foods into Vegetarian Dishes

I have been exploring the art of cooking recently. I used to really dislike cooking and I have to admit that it’s something I’m still kind of iffy about. However, I am starting to learn about the creativity behidn making meals and that’s making me more inclined to try out different dishes in my kitchen and to experiment with having fun while cooking.

As a result of this newfound interest, I’ve been writing and reading more about food lately. I just started a really good book by Isabelle Allende on Aphrodisiacs (Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses) which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the passion of food. And I’m doing a lot more reading of food blogs and articles about cooking.

Today I got the chance to explore an interesting aspect of this topic when answering a HubPages request that someone made for an article with a vegetarian recipe alternative to bigos. Bigos is a traditional Polish dish made with multiple kinds of meat so I got to explore the creativity of this dish in my mind to consider how to make a vegetarian alternative to it that would be comparable to the original.

This got me thinking about all of the different foods there are that we can use in place of meat. There are meat alternatives made in factories. There are more ntural meat alternatives like soy and tofu. And then there are vegetables that are thick and yet rather bland (potatoes and mushrooms) which can provide a meat-like texture to dishes for vegetarians. Hm, this is making me want to go play around in my kitchen!