4D Things

Last week I went to my first 4d movie (Hunger Games) where my seat shook and the wind blew on me. I’m not usually into action movies of any kind and it definitely engaged me more. I do have to say I was disappointed that the 3D visual effects (no glasses required) weren’t very good because that would have really added the right stuff for me but all in all it was a good unique experience and a terrific glimpse into the future of entertainment.

Above you’ll see a video of the first “4d” printed dress. We’re barely starting to see 3d printing hitting the mainstream and we’re already moving on to 4d. And I love it!


Issey Miyake Fashion and Technology

issey miyake design

Almost every day I walk past a boutique clothing store on my street that has an Issey Miyake fashion display in the window. The volume of this designer’s clothes doesn’t seem like it would work on my body but I’m always so intrigued by what he’s creating. Today Dezeen has an interview with the fashion designer about his new collection and the technology being used to produce it.


Dan Howarth: How does the technology work?

Yoshiyuki Miyamae: Let me quickly talk about the latest concept before we get into the technology. It’s called Windscape, this latest collection. I was inspired by the natural patterns that winds create. It could be about the shape of clouds, a sand dune changing shape, maybe the ripples on the surface of the water. It’s also to do with lightness. I wanted to express the lightness of those phenomena and translate them to the clothes.

We created paper prototypes of the shapes. We tried many patterns including squares and triangles. We usually tend to work like that and to make one paper prototype takes about a day to make it work. The way I came to this point is through endless research and experimenting at the paper stage and gradually translating it into fabric.”

Full interview here


Benjamin John Hall’s Design by Destruction Shoes


There’s something oddly inspiring and interesting about this fashion / shoe/ art video.

It’s from a live performance art event where shoe designer Benjamin John Hall used destructive processes – smashing, dyeing – to create an innovative artistic shoe design.


The work was inspired by theĀ 1960s Destructivist art movement in London. However the Destructivists would have just flat out destroyed the shoe whereas Hall transforms it – speaking, I believe, to the upcycling culture that’s so important to us today.

More info on Dezeen.


Sideways Sweater

I’m all for off-the-wall avant-garde fashion and wacky low-brow fashion and all kinds of other stuff. I frequently turn my own clothes upside down and inside out to change their shape to suit me better. I think it’s great to play with fashion. But I confess I’m just not sure I “get” this sideways sweater by Jacquemus that hit the Paris fashion runways.



Things I Wore: February

I’m wanting to start doing more stlye posts showing some of the things I wear. I hadn’t planned to do this so this month’s roundup is impromptu and there aren’t many pictures but there are a few:


I wear tights almost every day because I love skirts and dresses and I’m always cold here in San Francisco. In the first photo you see fishnets layered over white opaque tights on a particularly cold day.

fashion style fashion style

New Pink Skirt

I’m actually wearing sheer hose in this photo too. The skirt is one of many, many items that I picked up in February at the Goodwill $2 sale. Continue reading


Just Tights

Have I ever mentioned that I really love decorative tights? I do!

Ever since I moved to San Francisco, I had to learn to layer my clothes against the cold. I wear lots of skirts and dresses and that means I wear lots of tights, too! I really love fishnets most but every once in awhile I’ll find another style that I like – like these.

(And I do love boots too!)