Book Review: Antiphony

I’ve gotten the opportunity to participate in a lovely book tour for the book Antiphony by Chris Katsaropoulos so I’m happy to share that book here with you today.

antiphony book

About the Book

“What if the Universe is really a giant thought?”

This is the question posed by a leading theoretician in String Theory physics at the start of this book. The book doesn’t so much answer the philosophical question as explore the ramifications of being someone in a field who radically changes the perspective that field has long taken. Powerful!

What I Loved Most

I enjoyed this book a lot. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • It’s super smart but also accessible. It delves deep into scientific theory as well as philosophy and some psychology but it uses layperson language and felt really accessible to me.
  • The writing style reminds me of Milan Kundera. I’m a huge fan of Kundera’s work, particularly the book Identity: A Novel
    so this is a big compliment. I think Kundera has a really unique voice and style that I never really see anywhere and Katsaropoulos has a similar quality that lent some magic to the reading for me.
  • It’s fiction but I’m sure it’s rooted in some history/biography. At least in the sense that the major game-changers in the world, especially in science, have often faced difficulty in their fields (and their lives) when they turn accepted ideas on their heads. It really gives pause for thought and appreciation when it comes to the innovators of our world.
  • It blends reality and non-reality in a fabulous way. There are dreams and visions, there’s science and of course the piece itself is fiction but could be a real story theoretically. Interesting!

About the Author

I actually wasn’t familiar with Chris Katsaropoulos before now but it turns out that he’d written another novel called Fragile and has also authored a number of non-fiction titles and poetry.

About the Publisher

luminis booksLuminis Books is a proud independent publisher located in Indiana. Learn more at

Share Question of the Month

Ebook publisher asked: What is the best book you read in the last year? Here’s my answer …

Although I’ve read quite a few books in the past year, there is only one that comes to mind when I’m asked my favorite: Room: A Novel by Emma Donahue. Room is a novel about a child born to a woman who was kidnapped and has been trapped in a room since before the child was born. The thought-provoking, heart-wrenching tale is told from the child’s perspective.

Room is impressive because it takes on the task of telling a story from a highly unusual perspective. It is difficult to write a book in the voice of a five year old that will appeal to adults and yet Donahue does this seamlessly. She imagines what the world would seem like if you grew up only in a single room with no outside influence and were then thrust into the larger world. It’s a terrifying prospect that makes for an amazing story about both the internal and external worlds of a child in a rare situation.


SmartChick’s Book of the Day: The Effects of Light


Yesterday I wrote about a book (Confessions of a Serial Dater) that was a fun easy-to-read work of fiction. Some people believe that all fiction is “fluffy” like this. I beg to differ. There are some novels that really address important issues and cause you to think about the lives of the characters even if those characters aren’t real. One great example of such a book is The Effects of Light by Miranda Beverley-Whittemore.

This is a book that I came across randomly at a book store many years ago. I read it once then and it struck me as a great book. Then I forgot about it until about a year ago when I re-read it. Once again, it struck me as a really great book. Things that are terrific about it:

  • The writing is really stellar. Sometimes you get that in fiction and sometimes you don’t. With this book, you do.
  • The imagery is impressive. The book is related to photography and you can tell that the author has an interest in the topic simply by how well she describes the images in the book.
  • The topic is controversial. Without giving too much away, the story is about two girls who had nude pictures taken of them and these pictures create a controversy that makes for an interesting storyline.

This is one of those books that I don’t want to describe in too much detail because it’s really a lot better if you read it yourself! I’ve read it a few times but now I’m done with it so I’ve posted it for trade at Paperback Swap. You can also get it at Amazon through the link above.