March Meals (Recent Eats and Drinks)

Some of the things I most loved consuming and imbibing in March.


IMG 4308 764x1024 March Meals (Recent Eats and Drinks) IMG 4099 764x1024 March Meals (Recent Eats and Drinks) IMG 4245 764x1024 March Meals (Recent Eats and Drinks)

IMG 4855 764x1024 March Meals (Recent Eats and Drinks) IMG 4781 764x1024 March Meals (Recent Eats and Drinks)

Fruit and omelette at Sweet Maple, breakfast sammie and hashbrowns and Little Griddle, yogurt and fixings for oatmeal at home, Chia Pod “yogurt” which I’ve got mixed feelings about and French Toast at Curbside Cafe (which actually wasn’t mine, I got two eggs and bacon which was good but not as pretty for pictures)


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Recent Eats: February’s Favorite Snacks, Meals and Beverages

Here are some of my favorite things I imbibed and ingested in February, some at home and others at San Francisco restaurants.


IMG 2944 764x1024 Recent Eats: Februarys Favorite Snacks, Meals and Beverages

IMG 33701 764x1024 Recent Eats: Februarys Favorite Snacks, Meals and BeveragesIMG 3041 764x1024 Recent Eats: Februarys Favorite Snacks, Meals and Beverages

IMG 3040 764x1024 Recent Eats: Februarys Favorite Snacks, Meals and BeveragesI’ve been on a bacon kick here at home but I also still eat healthier oatmeal and fruit on a lot of days. The other two pictures are from Stable Cafe; mine was the egg, bacon, cheese wrap and the other is the Nona (eggs, tomato, cheese, toast and ham).

Lunches/ Dinners

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Coffee Pot Cooking

I was excited to see that Huffington Post had linked to an article of mine recently. They did a slideshow of Coffee Pot Cooking ideas in which they linked to my article on HubPages, written quite a long time ago but still popular there, of 12 Foods That You Can Cook in a Coffee Pot.

IMG 2904 1024x1024 Coffee Pot Cooking

They specifically highlighted my info on how to make instant ramen noodles in a coffee pot. I shared:

“Basically you put the noodles into the coffee pot itself, you put the spice in the filter where your coffee is supposed to go and you run the water through the machine just as if you were making a pot of coffee. Let the noodles sit long enough to become soft and you’ve got Ramen noodle soup that is no different than if you made it on a stovetop or in a microwave.”

In my article I also talk about how you can use a coffee pot to cook other broth-based soups, oatmeal and grits, vegetables including broccoli, poached chicken and fish, couscous and rice, pasta, beans, eggs and chocolate sauce.

IMG 3370 764x1024 Coffee Pot Cooking

The Huffington Post slideshow includes some of these (and not others) and adds info on using your coffee pot to make hard boiled eggs, lemon pepper chicken and chicken pesto pasta, a grilled cheese sandwich, quesadillas,  and corn on the cob.

Did you know your coffee pot was so versatile?! Of course this isn’t going to work for all of those trendy coffee people who have given up the old-fashioned coffee pot in favor of French Presses, Keurigs, etc.

Have you ever cooked anything in your coffee pot?

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Cranberry Beans

IMG 0705 Cranberry Beans

Sometimes when I go to the grocery store or farmers’ market I see foods that I am totally unfamiliar with. If they’re a pretty color or a cute shape there’s a good chance I’ll buy them. I admit it, I like cute foods. Then I have to go home and Google what to do with them.

IMG 0708 Cranberry Beans

IMG 0707 Cranberry Beans

That was the case with these cranberry beans. Actually, I didn’t even end up trying the beans to be honest because I kept them around too long and they started to mold and I had to throw them out. But they were so pretty! I intend to buy some again and actually see what they taste like!

IMG 0709 Cranberry Beans

IMG 0706 Cranberry Beans

From what I’ve read it seems like you basically open up the pods, take out the beans and then do something with them such as boil them. I often make chili – it’s one of the few foods I’m really truly good at cooking in creative ways – so maybe what I’ll do when I get them again is figure out a good chili that they can be made into.

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What People Used to Eat: Old Menu Suggestions

I discovered this menu suggestion set for a week in some old vintage magazines. I wish I’d written down the date and name of the magazine so I could be more accurate in sharing it here. I’m thinking it was an old McCalls because I had a ton of those that I recently went through but it might’ve been something else.

vintage magazine images 15 What People Used to Eat: Old Menu Suggestions

In a little more detail:

vintage magazine image 1 What People Used to Eat: Old Menu Suggestions

vintage magazine image 2 What People Used to Eat: Old Menu Suggestions

vintage magazine image What People Used to Eat: Old Menu Suggestions

What sounds good to me:

  • orange marmalade and rhubarb marmalade
  • mashed brown potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes; (I barely ever have them but I love mashed potatoes!)
  • chicken soup with sage
  • steamed brown bread
  • Dutch Apple-Cake
  • Fried Parsnips
  • Grape Ice
  • Oatmeal Macaroons
  • Walnut Loaf
  • White Sauce with Parsley
  • Baked Apple

What sounds kinda gross:

  • boiled fowl
  • broiled liver
  • creamed dried beef
  • grape jelly sauce
  • marshmallow sauce
  • fish hash
  • codfish balls
  • fish chowder
  • freicasseed rabbit
  • rabbit salad; (I just can’t stomach the thought of eating rabbit)

Things I’m not quite sure what they are:

  • Preserved quince (I kind of know that quince is a fruit but I can’t think if I’ve ever tried it)
  • Chicory salad (I feel like I should know what this is; I’m going to look it up right now)
  • Cream cheese balls
  • Johnny Cake
  • Hashed brown chicken
  • Hominy with figs (I think hominy might be a vegetable?)
  • Dried-Apple Sauce
  • Peanut Fondu
  • Egg Sauce
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Recent Drinks

This week I shared some recently consumed wonderful breakfasts and other recent eats. Today I’ll wrap up this edition of the short series with a look at my recent drinks.

At the Wine Bar

wine bar Recent Drinks

I recently went to a wine bar named Eno that I hadn’t been to before. It’s got a cute fireplace and lovely wine flights. It also had food that looked yummy but I didn’t get any food on this visit. I had a white wine flight and also tried a kind of very sweet Hungarian wine that I’d never heard of before called Tokaji. It tastes a bit like Ethiopian honey wine.

wine bar flight Recent Drinks

wine bar seating Recent Drinks

The three wines in my flight where an Etra Bianco from Italy, a Pinot Gris from Hungary and a Greek white wine that I can’t recall the name of. I’ve been noticing a lot of places advertising “Pinot Gris” so I asked the server what the difference is between this and Pinot Grigio and he confirmed that there is no difference. Basically the grape is called Pinot Gris in France and Pinot Grigio in Italy; some resources say that Pinot Gris is typically used now to refer to a more full-bodied, spicy wine from this grape while Pinot Grigio is lighter and crisper but this doesn’t seem to always hold true.

Other Drinks

drink swig Recent Drinks

I love the Jackrabbit at Swig Bar.

drinks irish coffee Recent Drinks

This was an Irish Coffee enjoyed while watching Dueling Pianos at Johnny Foley’s

drinks Recent Drinks

I rarely drink beer or anything like it but I am a fan of Pear Cider. I had this while watching free comedy at Cafe Royale.

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Recent Eats: Breakfasts

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Here are some of my recent breakfast eats:

Various Eggs at Home

I’ve been eating a lot of eggs lately, mostly on top of small pita bread. There are eggs scrambled with enoki mushrooms, eggs scrambled with broccoli and eaten with a side of fresh cherries, and eggs soft boiled and sitting on flavored oil on the pita.

breakfast eggs Recent Eats: Breakfasts

breakfast home Recent Eats: Breakfasts

breakfast pita Recent Eats: Breakfasts

A Richer Breakfast

I almost never get blintzes but I do love them …

dessert blintz Recent Eats: Breakfasts

dessert french toast Recent Eats: Breakfasts

Rice and Fruit

Rice with a little cream, fresh apricots and fresh cherries is a yummy breakfast!

fruit rice Recent Eats: Breakfasts

With Strawberries

Fresh strawberries are yummy on top of cream cheese on walnut bread and also on top of a waffle with plain yogurt.

fruit toast Recent Eats: Breakfasts

fruit waffle Recent Eats: Breakfasts

Coffee Drinks

Usually I have just plain old coffee (with cream, with almond or soy milk or black) but I did recently try a sweet potato latte at a nearby cafe on Post Street in Japantown. It’s got a bit of a weird texture but it does have a great flavor.

latte sweet potato Recent Eats: Breakfasts

coffee beans Recent Eats: Breakfasts


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