San Francisco Farmers’ Market

I usually try to get my produce at the farmers’ market that happens on Fillmore St. on Saturday mornings. So lovely …

farmers market 1 farmers market food farmers market greens farmers market fruits


Recent Eats and Drinks

Things I enjoyed ingesting and imbibing in June:




Farmers Market fresh peaches, Snowed Spinach omelette breakfast at Sweet Maple


japanese food pepper

dusty buns street food

salad Recent Eats and Drinksfruit tart
Recent Eats and Drinks

Japanese grill cooking in Japan Center West Mall, stuffed bell pepper from Mollie Stones, Chipotle chicken bun sandwich at Streatfood, salad from a FiDi pizza place, pork buns and fruit tartlet at California Academy of Sciences Nightlife, steamed broccoli and white wine at home



grapefruit mimosa

Sauvignon blanc at Source SF. I also had meatless buffalo chicken, lemon Brussels sprouts and black bean soup but my dinner photos came out blurry, grapefruit mimosa at Sweet Maple.


May Eats and Drinks

Some of the things I enjoyed food-wise in May:


instagram vercilloSweet Maple deep fried Dixie bacon

breakfastCrepe Florentine with sides of fruit and bacon at Honey in Tendernob
sweet maple brekafast

Fresh Fruit


brunchBrie and garlic with apples and baguette at Liverpool Lil’s

ravioli making

Homemade Ravioli

kale saladKale salad (above) and pepper/potato flatbread (below) from Fat Angel off of Fillmore

Drinks and Desserts

instagram vercilloAmazing ice cream at Pauline’s Pizza in Mission for a friend’s birthday
munchery meal

Chardonnay and Lemon Poppy Scone from Munchery


Wine at Fat Angel


That Bai5 you see in the background is one of my current favorite soda alternatives
instagram vercilloWhite ginger tea at Sweet Maple


March Meals (Recent Eats and Drinks)

Some of the things I most loved consuming and imbibing in March.


recent eats and drinks recent eats and drinks recent eats and drinks

chia pod yogurt french toast

Fruit and omelette at Sweet Maple, breakfast sammie and hashbrowns and Little Griddle, yogurt and fixings for oatmeal at home, Chia Pod “yogurt” which I’ve got mixed feelings about and French Toast at Curbside Cafe (which actually wasn’t mine, I got two eggs and bacon which was good but not as pretty for pictures)


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Recent Eats: February’s Favorite Snacks, Meals and Beverages

Here are some of my favorite things I imbibed and ingested in February, some at home and others at San Francisco restaurants.


bacon breakfast

oatmealwrap meal

eggsI’ve been on a bacon kick here at home but I also still eat healthier oatmeal and fruit on a lot of days. The other two pictures are from Stable Cafe; mine was the egg, bacon, cheese wrap and the other is the Nona (eggs, tomato, cheese, toast and ham).

Lunches/ Dinners

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Coffee Pot Cooking

I was excited to see that Huffington Post had linked to an article of mine recently. They did a slideshow of Coffee Pot Cooking ideas in which they linked to my article on HubPages, written quite a long time ago but still popular there, of 12 Foods That You Can Cook in a Coffee Pot.

coffee pot

They specifically highlighted my info on how to make instant ramen noodles in a coffee pot. I shared:

“Basically you put the noodles into the coffee pot itself, you put the spice in the filter where your coffee is supposed to go and you run the water through the machine just as if you were making a pot of coffee. Let the noodles sit long enough to become soft and you’ve got Ramen noodle soup that is no different than if you made it on a stovetop or in a microwave.”

In my article I also talk about how you can use a coffee pot to cook other broth-based soups, oatmeal and grits, vegetables including broccoli, poached chicken and fish, couscous and rice, pasta, beans, eggs and chocolate sauce.


The Huffington Post slideshow includes some of these (and not others) and adds info on using your coffee pot to make hard boiled eggs, lemon pepper chicken and chicken pesto pasta, a grilled cheese sandwich, quesadillas,  and corn on the cob.

Did you know your coffee pot was so versatile?! Of course this isn’t going to work for all of those trendy coffee people who have given up the old-fashioned coffee pot in favor of French Presses, Keurigs, etc.

Have you ever cooked anything in your coffee pot?