Press Release: Hook to Heal


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Crocheters Hook Up to Help Launch Bold New Creativity Project

San Francisco, CA.

Popular crochet blogger and author Kathryn Vercillo has just announced her newest project, Hook to Heal. The project, which is a book and corresponding set of online classes, is receiving overwhelming support from funders on Indiegogo. Crochet lovers, artists and makers of all kinds are donating to the cause because they believe in the value of crochet as a tool to access creativity and improve total wellbeing and quality of life. Crochet is more than just a craft; it is a path towards a better self.

Kathryn asks: “Do you have a desire to explore your creativity but also a fear of calling yourself an “artist”? Do you wish you were more creatively fulfilled but fail to take time for yourself to just create? Are there emotional issues blocking your creative side? Crochet can help! This simple and easy-to-learn craft can be used in unique ways to get in touch with your inner artist, explore and eradicate your deepest creative fears and restore balance to your personal life.” The Hook to Heal project is a project that will help to make this happen.

Hook to Heal with have three core products all emerging in Autumn 2013:

  • Creativity Exercises Book. The book, due out 10/1/2013 is a book of creativity exercises for crocheters. It will show how crochet can be used to achieve mindfulness, release artistic fear, push to the next level of creativity, celebrate life, improve relationships and more. Many topics of creativity will be explored in this book to challenge crochet lovers to find new ways to craft themselves to wellness.
  • 12 Week Online Creativity Classes. Beginning in the fall the author will also be launching online creativity classes. These will be weekly classes with chat/ video components that offer detailed lessons and guidance exploring the core ideas presented in the Hook to Heal book.
  • One-on-one Email Support for Crochet Creativity. The author is going to take the lessons that she’s learned about using crochet to get deeper into your creative self and apply them to helping individuals one-on-one. She’ll be your personal creative crochet coach armed with hooks to help you get to the next stage of your personal growth.

Hook to Heal is a comprehensive program for people who want to use crafting to better their lives. However, each of the three parts will be available on their own so you don’t have to commit to the total plan if you don’t want to.

Kathryn Vercillo is a solopreneur who self-publishes her work. She loves supporting other creative people within a collaborative team and intends to work with a local photographer, a technical consultant, a video educator and others to make Hook to Heal the best product possible. In order to make this happen, Kathryn is crowdsourcing funding through Indiegogo. Everyone who contributes to the campaign receives a perk. Donating just $1 to the campaign will get your name in the acknowledgments section of the book. Larger donations can get you access to early advance copies of the book, discounts on crochet-for-creativity classes for yourself and a friend and even a week of in-person support with the author in San Francisco. Hook to Heal’s fundraising continues through the end of February 2012.

Kathryn Vercillo has been a freelance writer for more than ten years. She is the author of several books including Crochet Saved My Life, a book about the mental and physical health benefits of crochet and crafting. Her online articles about crochet have been published around the web on sites that include Crochetvolution, Crochet Liberation Front, SF Indie Fashion and Handmadeology. Kathryn’s Crochet Concupiscence blog ( was voted one of the Top 5 2012 craft blogs in Inside Crochet Magazine and was a 2011 runner-up for a Flamie award from the CLF. More information about the author is available at You can contact Kathryn directly. You can contribute to the Indiegogo campaign at