What You Learn Your First Year In San Francisco

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The Bold Italic recently had an article titled 25 Things You Learn Your First Year in San Francisco. It’s one of those things that resonates for locals. I thought I’d break it down into what I loved and what I passed over when I read it …

Made Me Laugh Out Loud In Agreement

  • “Make sure to step around all watery sidewalk puddles.”
  • “The people who like being naked in public aren’t always the ones you’d want to see naked in public. “
  • “There is never a simple explanation for which trash bin to use for what you’re about to throw away.”
  • “There’s a reason that Muni seat is empty while the rest of the bus is packed. “
  • Coffee is never just coffee. (Pour over? Single origin? Fair trade? Cold pressed?!)”
  • “Someone will inevitably tell you that San Francisco was so much better X years before you got here.”
  • “You’re gonna need at least five more costumes. Ideally ones that can get booze spilled on them.”

Made Me Smile Because I Get The Joke

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Random Recent Things I Haven’t Shared Yet

I blog every day here on Diary of a Smart Chick but there are still always things going on here that I don’t get around to sharing. Here are some of those recent things:

Some Recent Reads I’ve Enjoyed


Sunny Day in Alta Plaza Park

sunny day in park

Chess Game in Action at Coffee to the People; I Won

chess board

Michael Cera and Sebastian Silva at Film Fest

I went and saw Crystal Fairy at the Kabuki as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival and it was followed up by a Q&A with the star and the director.

film fest