Details from Huntington Gardens

Earlier this month I told you all about my fun visit to The Huntington Gardens in Los Angeles. And then I shared some more photos from the trip. But at the time, I didn’t share some of the more detailed close-up photos so I wanted to do a final post about this great attraction now to share those. Enjoy!


The Huntington Library, Art and Gardens

One of my favorite attractions that I saw for the first time on my most recent trip to Los Angeles was The Huntington. This is a massive piece of land filled with more than one dozen different types of gorgeous gardens. In addition to the gardens there’s a library, four art museums, a few different restaurants/ tea houses and a magical gift shop with lots of creative things to look at. My mom, sister and I spent hours upon hours here and we still missed the library, three museums and a few of the gardens because there really is just endless beauty to see here. Amazing attraction!

About The Huntington

Henry E. Huntington was an early twentieth century rich man with an interest in books, arts and gardens. His mansion (now an art gallery) is on the grounds of the gardens and library that are a non-profit attraction today. This was one of the pricier things we did an LA – at $23 per adult – but it was worth it because there was so much beauty to see here and it was a terrific day when we went.

My Favorite Gardens

There were a few gardens that I really wanted to make sure to see during this visit so we made our way to those and they were definitely among my favorites. They were the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden. I also really liked the Herb Garden, the Lily Ponds and The Conservatory.

Other Gardens We Saw

Some of the other gardens we had a chance to see were the Australian Garden, Desert Garden, Jungle Garden and Subtropical Garden.

Sights We Missed

We only went into one of the galleries and to be honest it was at the end of a full day so I can’t even remember which one it was. The four galleries are American Art, European Art and two galleries of changing exhibitions. We also missed:

  • The library
  • The mauseolem where Huntington actually “lives” now
  • Palm Garden
  • Research rooms
  • Teaching Greenhouse
  • Shakespeare Garden

Random Fun Fact

Something in the Australian garden made me think of the song Waltzing Matilda. I learned this song in third grade during music class. I couldn’t remember how it went and one or two lines were stuck in my head so my sister downloaded it on her iPhone and we listened to it at the gardens.