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    Dr(Owning) and S(Wallowing) in Depression

    I originally wrote this post for Rebelle Society years ago. It remains relevant to my depression story today, so I wanted to share it again. It expresses how despite living with chronic relapses of depression over the past 25 years, I don’t always know in the beginning of each one what is going on. I think it’s something else, usually something that’s my fault, until I finally realize it’s depression again. Depression came back. It walked right in through the front door while I was busy guarding all of the windows and cracks. It ignored the sign warning that “danger, there’s a dog here to protect me”. It sidled up…

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    Memoir Quotes: Borderlines by Caroline Kraus

    Memoir quotes are often my favorite quotes. I really love reading memoirs. There is something so special about individual stories. In a memoir, the deeply personal becomes universal. We find what resonates for us. We read the words as though they are in our own voices. Somehow, one person’s story becomes the story of each of us. I’ve been digging through the archives of this blog to find items that were lost in a blog transition. I came across the following memoir quotes. They’re from a post I did in 2014 when reading the book Borderlines. Borderlines: A Memoir I recently read Borderlines: A Memoir by Caroline Kraus. This moving book tells the…

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    Therapist Memoir: Annie Rogers’ Shining Affliction and Unsayable

    This post is about two therapist memoir books. I originally published this as two separate posts, which I’ve combined and updated here. The therapist memoir The Unsayable: The Hidden Language of Trauma by Annie Rogers, PhD is one of my favorite books that I was assigned in grad school. I first read the book in one day. Then I read a big chunk of it for a second time shortly after. Then after that, I went back and checked out Rogers’ first book. It’s called A Shining Affliction: A Story of Harm and Healing in Psychotherapy. It’s another therapist memoir from earlier in her career. About Annie Rogers, Therapist Memoir Author Annie Rogers…

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    5 Therapeutic Ways My Rescue Dog Improves My Life

    There is a saying in the rescue dog community that goes, “who rescued who?” My story with Katara isn’t quite like that but the sentiment holds. She has improved my life in myriad ways that go beyond just being an awesome four-legged companion. Katara is a really special rescue dog, a unique mixed mastiff breed that was rescued from the dog meat industry of South Korea. You can read Katara’s story here. When she came to me, she was very shy and scared and a little shutdown but she and I bonded immediately. I aim to do well by her. I believe she is happy in her new rescue dog life. In…

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    How Sharing My Depression Story Helped Me Help Others

    In 2012, I published a book called Crochet Saved My Life, in which I shared the stories of two dozen women who had used yarncrafting to heal and improve the symptoms of a diverse array of mental and physical ailments. The first story I shared was my own. It is a story of living through 15+ years of chronic depression without knowing or naming it. It is a story of nearing the depths of suicidality. Additionally, it is about pulling myself out of that depth. I did that with help from therapy, medication, yoga, a strong support network and, yes, crochet. Sharing my story was relatively easy by the time…