Paying for Stuff with your Phone

Chances are that you don’t carry a camera with you on a daily basis because your phone has a camera built in to it that you can use if you wish to take pictures. And you probably don’t carry a separate music player anymore because your phone can play that role as well. And if you’ve got a smart phone with high speed Internet connections then you usually don’t even need your laptop anymore. And coming soon to the future near you is the chance that you probably won’t even need a debit or credit card on you anymore because your phone is going to be able to complete transactions for you.

The area of Near Field Communications (NFC) is improving. This technology allows certain phones to be swiped in front of readers as a method of making a payment when you are completing a transaction at a local store, toll booth or parking garage. Trials of this wireless technology are being successfully completed and businesses are starting to launch this service around the world. It’s going to be a little while before we actually see this technology in America but we’re on our way to that kind of future.