Roaming Charges Reduced in Europe

I remember the first time that I got one of those exorbitant cell phone bills. I had been traveling and I didn’t yet know about the way that roaming charges worked. This was quite a few years ago, when mobile phones were still somewhat new and the average person hadn’t been exposed to the nuances of complicated billing yet. Wherever I had traveled wasn’t included in my cell phone plan and I was charged some huge fee for using my phone away from home. (Isn’t the point of using a cell phone being able to call others when away from home?!)

I learned my lesson then and things have gotten a bit better here now. They’re also getting better in Europe where legislators have just agreed to a plan for reduced calling and text messaging fees when roaming amongst the different countries there.

It’s shocking to me sometimes that we’re even still dealing with these issues. It seems obvious to me that we should have flat rate data and calling plans that include international roaming free of charge. We’re a global society. And those people who are tech savvy enough to understand their phone charges and the options for mobile VoIP can indeed keep cell phone costs down even while traveling. But it seems like this should be a more widespread thing for the average phone user instead of something that just the tech savvy know how to get.


For the Love of Phones and Personal Finance

I occasionally get the opportunity to combine my interest in different topics through research and writing of one article. For example, I recently wrote about mobile coupons. This allowed me to research the topic of mobile phones as well as to write about the topic of personal finance, both of which are topics that I write on regularly and find myself interested by.

Mobile coupons are interested because they take something that’s been around for a really long time (coupons) and change it in order to adapt to modern technology. Mobile phones are now capable of advanced web searches and mutli-media message receipt which allows for coupons to be accessed and redeemed using only the phone.

Come to think of it, this allows me to touch on another topic that interests me which is green living. After all, if you’re not printing up a bunch of coupons then you are saving a lot of trees. Of course, there’s a balance to be struck because mobile phones do use energy which is a different type of waste but generally mobile coupons seem greener than traditional coupons as far as I can tell. Smart stuff!


Nokia 97 Phone Review

The Nokia N97 is a new mobile phone that Nokia is coming out with in June of this year. It is a new phone in the N Series that Nokia is known for. However, it’s more than that because it’s also a flagship phone designed to be the start of a new line of phones that are advanced enough to really be considered mobile computers.

Advances in wireless technology have grown so much that we can now basically have a laptop computing experience right on our mobile phones. With advanced memory storage, multi-media features and new organizational tools, the Nokia N97 is a clear example of this trend in mobile phones.

Like most mobile phones coming out today, this is a touchscreen phone. However, it has a really unique design which allows for both touchscreen keyboard functions and full QWERTY keyboard functions. It’s a phone that looks to be worth keeping an eye on. You can read my complete review by following this Nokia N97 link.