Sha Sha Higby in A Paper Wing

sha sha higby

When my mom was here we went to go see a performance at Theatre Yugen. It was a solo performance by Sha Sha Higby called A Paper Wing.

theatre yugen

I was mistakenly expecting a spoken theater performance. It turned out to be more of a dance performance that emphasized the use of tons of creative costuming to tell the story. I have to be honest in saying that it was difficult for me to sit for the full hour for a performance without words. What can I say, I’m a word nerd. But all in all I found a lot to be inspired by.

sha sha higby paper wing

I didn’t know anything about Sha Sha Higby before the performance. After the performance, I was inspired to learn more about her. She says in her artist statement, “I approach dance through the medium of sculpture. I interweave painterly manipulation of physical materials and textures I make one by one from wood, paper, silk, ceramic and gold leaf with a labyrinth of delicate props. My work strives to create a path where movement and stillness meet.” I can definitely see the intersection of sculpture, costume art and dance in the work that we saw. There were several cool effects with the lighting on the props as well as with the mingling of many different masks that were visually intriguing.sha sha higby paper wingI definitely have an appreciation for her creativity and artistry!