10 Words that Describe My First Podcast Experience

This morning I recorded my first podcast interview. It’s about my new book, Crochet Saved My Life. The podcast won’t air until about a month from now so I’ll have to come back then and tell you all of the details about it. For now I’ll say that it was an interview with awesome crafty interviewer Sister Diane of Craftypod. (The blog and its related podcasts is a terrific resource for crafty businesses!)

This was my first podcast. I’m not much of a phone person so it was out of my comfort zone, but if you want to grow then you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. So here are ten words that describe the experience that I had this morning when recording my first podcast interview:

  1. Nervous
  2. Excited
  3. Anxious
  4. Talkative
  5. Enthusiastic
  6. Comfortable (after we got going)
  7. Sharing
  8. Storytelling
  9. Proud
  10. So proud!

I had to say proud twice because once all was said and done, that’s how I felt. I was proud that I did something that felt a little scary to me. I believe that if you shy away from things that scare you then your world gets smaller and smaller but if you face those things and have success with them then each next scary thing gets easier.

I was also really proud to share this book. I really believe that this book is a great thing, for myself and for the crafty community. I think it does a decent job of explaining what depression is like for people who haven’t been through it and letting people who have been through it know that others have been there, too, and gotten to the other side. So I’m proud of the book and that makes me excited to share it.

Once Diane and I started talking about the book and the reasons I wrote it I got increasingly comfortable. A good experience!