10 Random Things That I’ve Liked Lately

Back in mid-February I shared 10 random things that made me smile. It’s about time for another roundup, isn’t it?

1. Live Music at Burlesque

live music

There are lots of opportunities to see burlesque shows in San Francisco. My favorite is when you also get to hear live music with the show. This was Little Minsky’s at Club Deluxe in The Haight (which I mentioned previously because I liked their pizza and Spa Collins). I loved the upright bass and there was also a live sax and a piano player. The hostess sang her own songs as did two of ther performers, one of which was Lily Fawn who I adored.

2. Storefront Sculpture


I was walking by a storefront in The Tenderloin and saw this sculpture. I can’t remember if this was a nail salon or a psychic or what but I liked the window display.

3. Boat Bikes

boat bike

From the Fun Bike Unicorn Club

4. Red Door Restaurant Signage

red door signage

A wacky San Francisco restaurant (or “non-restaurant”) that I still haven’t been to although I’ve tried to go.

5. Poetry Along The Pier

poetry on pier

This is a portion of the poetry that is on the pier. I can’t remember what pier number it is but it’s one of the even numbered piers near The Ferry Building.

6. San Francisco Street Performer

street musician

I actually liked his music, too, which I wouldn’t necessarily have expected from the get-up.

7. Pony Rides


San Francisco is animal-friendly and tech-loving.

8. Diner Art

breakfast art

Toast, a diner on Polk Street, has some great 3D art on the walls.

9. View from Telegraph Hill

view from telegraph hill

I know everyone loves The Golden Gate Bridge, but I’m partial to the Bay Bridge myself. Of course, more people are starting to love it like I do now that it’s home to the world’s largest-ever LED light display.

10. Farinata and Other Food


I already told you I enjoyed learning to make farinata but it was so good it’s worth mentioning again!