Katara’s DNA Results Are In. She’s a …. Dachshund Mix?

I got Katara‘s DNA test down (Wisdom Panel 4.0) out of curiosity as to what it would say. Imagine my surprise when I opened the information packet for my 80+ pound dog and the first thing I saw was that she is 12.5% dachshund. Short-haired miniature dachshund to be exact!

katara dna

It was really interesting to take a look at the breakdown. It goes back three generations. At that level, on one side, one great-grandparent is bullmastiff and the other three are unknown mixed breeds. This makes a lot of sense since I know she’s a Tosa (Japanese mastiff) mix and that breed itself was created from a mixture of many other breeds. It probably goes back too many generations to figure it out … could be some bloodhound, Dane, mastiff, pointer … no way to know.

katara ancestry tree

It is the other set of four great grandparents that is know but mixed. On that side, she is equal parts Bulldog, Staffie, Akita, and Dachshund. A lot of that makes sense. She was from a meat farm in South Korea where there are a lot of Asian dogs, obviously, so the Akita comes in there. I can see lots of boxer/ pit bull style traits in her so Staffie makes sense. And I learned something interesting about bulldogs from the ancestry info:

about bulldogs

So it was super interesting to learn about that. And then to see that supposedly her bulldog family member mated with a mini dachshund. Hm. I’ve told her that all 12.5% must have stayed in her ears :) But actually, if this is true, then her keen nose probably comes from the dachshund part of her. And her super unique coloring on her back is more likely to be from the dachshund than any of those other breeds. So interesting!

Whatever she is, she’s 100% lovable. And my life is so much better for having her in it. In fact, I’ve got a post up this week over at Fempotential about how great she has been for me:

katara pet therapy