Postcron for Scheduling Social Media Posts

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I write for a lot of blogs. I write a lot of different blog posts, including at least one post per day on my own craft blog – Crochet Concupiscence. I keep active on a lot of social media accounts. Plus I follow the feeds of several hundred other blogs and try to share my favorites through link love and social media posts. I do most of this by hand and I do all of it myself but the only way that I can do that is to have the right tools at my disposal to keep it organized and efficient. Postcron is one of the tools that I use.

What is Postcron?

Postcron is a social media app that allows you to easily post various things from around the web to several of the major social media sites. You can add your Twitter, G+ and Facebook (profile, pages and groups). I’ve got 8 accounts set up:

postcron social accountsI can easily pick a post and decide which accounts I want to share it to. (What you see there are my personal and professional Facebook pages and profile, one of my Facebook groups, my two Twitter accounts and one G+ account).

Advance Scheduling

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My Non-Crochet Personal Pinterest Boards

Yesterday I shared some of the community Pinterest boards that I am a part of. However, I mostly post to my own boards that I’ve created. The majority of these are crochet-related boards but a few of them are for other things I love. Here they are:

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 1.37.12 PM

Crafty Wonders. For all of the craft things I love that aren’t crochet.

books pinterest

Books. Things I’m reading or interested in reading. And also good organization of books in the home.

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Various Things I’ve Said About Twitter


I started using Twitter years ago. I go through ups and downs of using it. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. Here are some different things I’ve said about Twitter over time:


“For the most part, I don’t enjoy Twitter. I don’t like the format that it’s in because it seems messy and complicated and overwhelming. Even with the use of Twitter clients, I don’t find Twitter to be friendly on the eyes (or the brain).” – 2009

“I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on Twitter lately. After a lengthy period of adjusting to using the site, I’ve finally come to really like Twitter. I feel like it’s giving me a great opportunity to share links and ideas with other people.” – also in 2009!

“Now that I use TwitterFeed, the posts update automatically to Twitter. This way, I can use my time on Twitter to actually respond to people and to post updates that I actually specifically want to share with my Twitter friends.” – 2009

“I’m happy to say that I’ve been included on two different lists of Top Writers to Follow on Twitter. I try to follow the other writers on both of these lists as well as bloggers and writers who aren’t on these lists but who are active on Twitter.” – 2009

“Recently I’ve been reading a lot of articles online by people who believe thatTwitter can improve their writing. It’s an interesting idea and goes to show that technology tools can be used in different ways to achieve different ends by different people.” – 2009

“It occurred to me today that I could probably stick to a schedule of daily Spanish practice if I did it through Twitter. The short 140 character DM messages allowed by Twitter keep it concise enough that I can mostly understand what’s been said and I can respond promptly without much hassle. I have already found a few friends on Twitter that I can exchange thoughts with in Spanish. I would love to find some more!” – 2009

I was quoted in 2009: “Writer Kathryn Vercillo of says she’s seen comments around the web that Twitter is actually increasing blogging because bloggers are encouraged to post new items so that they can tweet  the link. Her theory is that people who are half-involved in blogging might find Twitter to be a better platform for what they have to say whereas full-time/serious bloggers find that Twitter can only supplement what they’re doing and not replace the blog.”

“I recently started Tweeting at the end of each day. In 140 characters or less, I try to succinctly describe what happened during my day. I think it’s an interesting challenge that keeps me better aware of how I’m spending my time. I also think it’s a great complement to other types of journaling.” – 2010

“Twitter is a really powerful tool for online social networking, promoting your online work and getting to know people in the web world around you.” – 2012

“There are some topics I tweet about on both of my accounts but with more frequency on one than the other – crochet mostly on @CrochetBlogger of course and books mostly on @KathrynVercillo for example. There is lots of positivity, gratitude and happiness over on @CrochetBlogger whereas on @KathrynVercillo I tend to be a little bit more mind-oriented and research-focused.” – 2012

I received a Tweeting award – 2013


What are your thoughts on Twitter?


Thoughts on Sponsored Tweets

Earlier this year I was the publisher of the month for Sponsored Tweets, which I use to earn a small bit of extra income for my social media activity.

sponsored tweets

Here’s one of the things I had to say in my interview:

“I like the way Sponsored Tweets offers me some control over what I advertise and creates sponsored messages in ways that aren’t super intrusive to the rest of my message stream. I can choose to share those things that my audience would actually be interested in, which is important to me.”

 sponsored tweets


Online vs. Print Press Release

More and more people are starting to use online press releases to spread the word about their products and services. These press releases are very similar to print press releases. However there are some key differences between the two.

Here’s a look at some of the differences between social media press releases and print press releases:

  • Social media press releases may be easy to release to a larger group of people due to cost efficiency as well as to the global reach of the web.
  • Social media press releases can be optimized for search engines to get random attention that you don’t get from print press releases.
  • Social media press releases can link to other articles and sites around the web.

The one drawback of social media press releases is that some people find print releases to be more credible in terms of professionalism. People trying to reach a professional audience may do both types of press releases to get the benefits of each.