Local Theater: Stagewerx


I just thought I’d do a shoutout post today for a local live theater that I like: Stage Werx. I went here fairly recently to see their monthly show called Solo Sundays in which our different people perform short solo acts that they are working on.

stage werx 3

I really enjoyed the series. I think solo acts are always interesting since you’ve just got one person on the stage remembering all of their lines and they either make it or break it. (As a total aside one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen was a solo monologue over half an hour long in which the actor had taken lines from Walt Whitman and rearranged them to make a new piece.) I also always enjoy seeing works-in-progress in theater and will hopefully get a chance to eventually see how some of them turn out as finished products.

stage werx 2

I’d be interested in checking out Stage Werk’s other ongoing monthly shows, which include a storytelling series, a clown series and some other types of comedy. The theater is a small theater in The Mission. There’s nothing particularly standout about the space but it’s comfy, local and cute and the performances seem really fun.