Western Addition Wall Mural

Photos from a mural on the wall of a building on Divisadero … I can’t remember the cross street but I think it’s at or near Haight.

img 6584 Western Addition Wall Mural img 6580 Western Addition Wall Mural img 6581 Western Addition Wall Mural Continue reading

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Random Art Found on the Street

I recently spotted these works of art just hanging out on the street in front of someone’s house that I was walking past. I think it was on Divisadero, if I recall correctly. It appeared that they were just giving them away. I wonder what the story was behind that. Was it an ex-lover’s art being tossed to the curb? Extra pieces that the artist didn’t deem worthy of keeping? A bad memory that had to be discarded? I guess I’ll never know.

DSC 6767 Random Art Found on the Street

DSC 6768 Random Art Found on the Street

DSC 6769 Random Art Found on the Street

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Awesome Animated Street Art by INSA

animated street art Awesome Animated Street Art by INSA

This is awesome. You can see more at Weburbanist, which explained in part:

“Unlike most street art, INSA‘s murals weren’t made to be seen in person – they’re best viewed online. That’s because the UK-based artist painstakingly paints, photographs and re-paints each of his works several times over in order to create these amazing animated GIF images.”

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Sidewalk Chalk Art

I recently added my own drawings to some sidewalk chalk drawings that other people had done. Can you guess which three below are the ones that I did?

DSC 6013 Sidewalk Chalk Art

DSC 6004 Sidewalk Chalk Art

DSC 6005 Sidewalk Chalk Art

DSC 6002 Sidewalk Chalk Art

DSC 6011 Sidewalk Chalk Art

DSC 6012 Sidewalk Chalk Art

DSC 6006 Sidewalk Chalk Art

DSC 6020 Sidewalk Chalk Art

DSC 6008 Sidewalk Chalk Art

Mine are the ones that say “practice kindness” (which was my intention for that day) and “love is magic” and then the drawing of the two roses together. Of course the wordy ones are mine; I’m a writer after all!

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Creation / Destruction … Provoke/ Evoke

Recently I was walking around. I think I was in The Mission although to be honest I walked a lot that day and I could have been somewhere else. In any case, I was walking around and spotted this beautiful piece of art:

DSC 5400 Creation / Destruction ... Provoke/ Evoke

Next to it was a message on the wall with Tumblr blog address:

DSC 5402 687x1024 Creation / Destruction ... Provoke/ Evoke

It’s interesting local art worth a gander if you’ve got the time.

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