Describe San Francisco in One Word

How might a person describe this city of mine in one word. I was intrigued to see the responses in this video (via The Bold Italic):

I think if I were going to pick just one word to describe this city, it would be playful. There are so many opportunities to play here … to play with your own identity, to play with others in activities. More than anywhere else I’ve ever been, adults embrace the joy of play.


Humanthology Site Description (Video)

My beaux used to be involved on the tech end of a startup company called Humanthology that interested me a lot in its mission to share people’s stories. That’s something that’s part of my own commitment as a writer.

The site isn’t currently activity but they collected an amazing number of powerful personal stories. I thought I’d share a video he created about how the site worked:


Mother’s Love

I recently saw this beautiful video, which is fully worth watching til the end. It reminds me that a mother can be many people, not only the woman who birthed you. Of course, your biological mother is important, whether she is in your life or not, but it’s nice to think about the foster /adopted/ single dad kids I know and remember that a mom is many things.


Fun Video: Water Droplets Orbit Knitting Needle in Space

Just wanted to share this video that I saw this morning because it’s kind of awesome.

ZME Science explained:

“Astronaut  Dr. Don Pettit, currently on mission onboard the International Space Station, (used) an statically charged knitting needle made out of teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene), Pettit fired tiny droplets of water through a syringe towards the needle after which a marvelous display of physics unfolded. The droplets began to orbit around the needle, just like some satellites around a cylindrical planet. Pettit goes on to explain that it doesn’t have anything to do with gravity, but rather the attraction comes as a result of charged forces that exert a potential field.”