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    Interview with Weaver Meghan Bogden Shimek

    Meghan Bogden Shimek is a fiber artist and weaver. She uses textiles to explore themes of loss, discomfort, and healing. Her training is in traditional tapestry and Navajo weaving techniques. She combines her skills as a weaver with organic movement inspiration. The result is artistic wall hangings that are rich in texture and reminiscent of landscapes. Meghan is based in Oakland, California. In this interview, she gives us insight into her artwork. She also shares what it’s like to be a professional artist and the single mom of a young child, including how helpful it is to rely on a community of women for support. A Working Artist Many people find…

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    Book Review: Always Too Much and Never Enough

    Jasmin Singer is a vegan, lesbian, animal rights activist and author whose 2016 memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough shares her story of weight gain and loss on the path to understanding the core of her own true identity. She shares raw, intimate details of her life including the journey from actor to activist the complexity of being the much-loved but always-overweight daughter of a thin, beautiful mother a college date rape the death of a beloved grandmother and the many other nuances that make up a woman’s life. This is all set against the backdrop of navigating her relationship with food. Moreover, it’s about dealing with her own body…

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    Interview with Fashion Founder CeliaB

    Celia Bernardo is the founder of CeliaB, a Spanish fashion brand that she created after spending a decade working with large brand names in fashion. She loves to travel and collects textiles and patterns from all around the world. Additionally, she loves incorporating inspiration from everywhere into her texture-rich clothing designs. In this interview, she shares her inspirations, motivations and the story of her brand. Launching The CeliaB Brand Q: You have worked with some big businesses in the past. What inspired you to start your own brand? I worked with brands like Zara, Pepe Jeans, and Asobio for ten years. After that, I thought it was time to set up…

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    Interview with Weaving Artist Maryanne Moodie

    Brooklyn-based Australian weaving artist Maryanne Moodie combines her innovative work in textile design with teaching fiber art workshops, curating weaving kits for beginners and authoring a book. Her all-around creative (and sustainable!) lifestyle is inspiring to women around the world who wish to live their artistic dreams, and especially to mothers of young children as she sets an example for being a caring, working mama. In this interview, she gives us a glimpse into this colorful world. On Weaving Q: Let’s start by talking about your weaving work. Why did you select this as your primary medium? A: Something about weaving just spoke to me. I found a loom and taught…