Music Art at Yoshis on Fillmore

yoshis san francisco

I’ve lived in San Francisco for more than seven years and I’ve lived near the Fillmore Jazz District for almost three years but for some reason I didn’t ever make it to the famous Yoshi’s restaurant and jazz club until really recently. I swear there are just so many places to see in San Francisco that there are always ones I miss out on for awhile even though I stay pretty active!

yoshis san francisco

In any case, I actually still haven’t seen a show at Yoshi’s but I did go have dinner there (which you might have noticed in my post a few days ago on recent SF eats) and I checked out the art exhibit in the lobby which is about Sonny Buxton. Buxton is a local jazz radio personality and important member of the jazz community. He’s worked with many big jazz artists and was recently the recipient of the 2013 Jazz Hero award.

music art photos

In addition to the Buxton photo exhibit there are some other music related art items on display in the lobby of the restaurant / art


That piece of colorful musical art was one of my favorite pieces in the exhibit area!